U.S governors &mayors

Subject: U.S governors &mayors
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 27 Mar 2020

To all US. Governors & mayors I llike to request before you decide reopen the economy airports restaurants hotels etc review the all data & facts from real experts before you send people back to work kids to school etc! Thousands of lives has been loss from this coronavirus including lives that been loss due to the misinformation coming from the WhiteHouse particular Donald Trump with this claim that some drug can cure a virus in which the gentlemen in Arizona took Trump's advice unfortunately took his life leaving behind a wife! Donald Trump isn't a reliable source of information about this virus nor he aexpert. Personally I'm cocern about the elderly people some of which are family members of mines as well others eldery seniors citizens. For all the health care servicemembers I like to thank you all for your hard work &dedication to help save lives working in bavk sutaution without proper gear etc!again think about the lives of peole before you devife to reopen the economy