The U.S. Beijing embassy waited more than one year to bring jailed military veteran in China a new passport to allow his release after 485 days. Bruce Gorcyca was kept totally incommunicado without being charged with any crime.

Subject: The U.S. Beijing embassy waited more than one year to bring jailed military veteran in China a new passport to allow his release after 485 days. Bruce Gorcyca was kept totally incommunicado without being charged with any crime.
From: An outraged American
Date: 4 Jan 2020

To be clear, the following is a documented summary of how a 30 year veteran whistle-blower military vet Bruce Gorcyca was targeted by the FBI for revenge in the U.S., Canada, and ultimately in China. When the vet refused to help cover-up some FBI crimes, he found himself in a precarious and scary situation...

But let's first deal with his sudden arrest in Beijing, China on April 11, 2018 for an expired passport, after a corrupt Beijing cop was paid $10,000 and given a tip "by an American with a phone number linked to the U.S. Embassy". Up until that fateful day, the 64 year old former Fortune 500 executive was working as a corporate and Critical Thinking trainer in China for more than 8 years. See for details.

The only reason Gorcyca's passport was expired, is only because the U.S. embassy had refused to renew it in June of 2009, without explanation! In fact, the woman at the embassy falsely told Gorcyca that he must return to America in order to renew his passport - a blatant lie.

Be that as it may, an expired passport in China is NOT a criminal offense, but rather an "administrative violation" - in the same category as a parking ticket, or driving without a driver's license. So when Gorcyca was arrested in Beijing PSB case No. 0003240 he was informed that he was being fined 10,000rmb (about $2,000 USD) and given a punishment of "15 days administrative detention" after which time he would be released. He was not taken before any judge, nor allowed to see nor call a lawyer, friend, nor family member. The police drove him to the DaXing Jail, a 45 minute drive on Beijing's Southeast border with the Hebei Province.

Gorcyca was told that his embassy was informed of his predicament and by law would be coming to visit him within 10 days. That did not happen. In fact, the 15 days of the "administrative punishment" came and went and Gorcyca grew alarmed when he was not released and his demands to use the telephone were ignored by his captors. Twenty plus days after his arrest, a woman from the U.S. embassy showed up to visit 3 Americans that were jailed there and remarks that Gorcyca was not on her list. None the less, she meets with him and assures him that "it only takes about a week to get you a new passport so you can be released". But she also claims she is not assigned to his case and therefore she would tell "Travis" the embassy official who was assigned to his case, to bring "passport application paperwork ASAP".

According to Gorcyca, Travis showed up about two weeks later and confirmed that indeed it only required 3-7 days to produce a new passport yet he did not bring an application form, and could not explain why he did not. Over the next 12 months 3 more embassy reps would visit Gorcyca who brought him a toothbrush, but not a passport application!

By this time Gorcyca had written over 280 pages of letters to be mailed to his wife, children, ambassador, a U.S.Federal Judge, two lawyers, a Canadian Member of Parliament (Omar Alghabra), and the the Executive Directors of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Center for Constitutional Rights, Judicial Watch, and UN Secretary General, as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi. He asked the police guards to mail his letters but they refused. So he smuggled the letters out to the visiting room in his underwear and gave them to embassy reps Travis, Erin Thurber, and others who promise to deliver the messages "immediately - within the next 72 hours".

According to federal court documents in the U.S. Brooklyn Courthouse (Case No: 08-CR-09) Nobody from the U.S. embassy EVER delivered these letters, and they waited over a year to finally bring him a new passport that would allow his release from Chinese custody and the Legal Attache from the embassy Leslie Doumbia colluded with the FBI to have Gorcyca kidnapped when he finally was released on August 23rd, 2019 - more than 485 days after his arrest. Here is a poem Gorcyca wrote about his 485 days in illegal Chinese captivity

Why did the U.S. embassy knowingly allow a U.S. citizen to languish more than 1.5 years in a dingy, dank, Chinese dungeon? This may give you the answer...

Will anyone at the U.S. Embassy or FBI ever be held accountable for this outrageous negligence and abuse? Don't hold your breath.