Update On The Open Letter To Stephen Thorpey & Supporters

Subject: Update On The Open Letter To Stephen Thorpey & Supporters
From: 9 Angry Men 2 Abuser , Erin,Liz and Zak (Friends) in reference to our prior letter and in settling the legal case 7/3
Date: 5 Aug 2019

Stephen Thorpey, one week ago we offered you and your committed Unified friends the opportunity to end “YOUR GAMES” not your victims, her kids, her family, friends, professionals or whoever else you and they want to commit to taking action against and falsely in an attempt to set fear in your victim and her children threatened and alleged that you’d already as a group including yourself, your girlfriend/fiancée Erin Nickerson, her friend Liz Hunter and your friend Zak Helme to having as a group united in a committed effort to end your victims games, you as a group, you Stephen Thorpey their leader and voice vowing that the group of you who FINALLY had peace in your lives (funny not one of those parties other than you know your victim, her children, her family, friends or professionals, have not one mutual friend beyond you and have not met spoken to or seen the woman and her kids who each of you on 7/3/19 insisted she be made to know had as a group united in a committed effort Stephen I’m quoting you on their behalf to having already on that day at that time retained attorney’s not one plural your words! A no contact order, a protective order, and to then on that day seeking civil and criminal actions for alleged misconduct to include stalking harassment slander libel and impersonation of others by your victim, no such actions have been or were ever sought they were threats they were intimidation’s and they were meant to cause pain fear and anxiety by ALL of you to a woman and children they know nothing of beyond your telling, presentation, manipulation, fabrication and lies! Yet these individuals allowed their names to be involved and included by you in that threat those accusations and that false premise !) we’d like to know exactly how much of their peace joy and time your victim has invaded ??? Her children??? Please produce the verifiable authentic proof your victim or her children did so and the frequency with which that is justified by those parties to have permitted you to represent and attack on their behalf with false unmerited allegations that have no justification no legitimate purpose other than cruelty and intimidation to have included themselves in and signed on for ? In our last post we laid out each and every factual authenticated real undeniable genuine peace of evidence and it was a huge amount referenced just as our having sifted through it with a fine tooth comb to verify each and every allegation as fact that could be in fact substantially legitimatized by experts as real and untainted your actual actions, confessions, behavior, abuse, cons, frauds, games, lies and never ending apologies vows and agreements including your profession of your love and lifelong commitment and your having taken full responsibility to all that’s been said, unarguably fact as you know, you know you can’t bring into any court room because you are guilty which is why only intimidation, lies, deception, misrepresentation, fabrication, REAL slander libel harassment and harm is solely and only your doing and now the doing of your friends too! They were told email us see it all they are so certain each so willing to place their reputation career and lives on your words never knowing your victim never knowing a one of her children family friends professionals or others yet are committed to you in such excess of reason they needn’t see the multitude and monumental evidence that proves that every word of what’s been said not by your victim her last factual actual documented contact was in May about the marriage records and clearing them prior to that April twice about very normal expected questions or adult responsibility to resolve needed and that’s the last of hers to you not a single solitary now investigated probable communication other than one email in late April or early May to Zak Helme via Facebook messenger once it wasn’t stalking harassment libel slander intimidation or any other illegal activity or civilly credible action just as hers to you weren’t and not a single solitary one to Erin Nickerson or Liz Hunter ever by she her children or her family not one ! As for the dv advocate it’s a proven fact that in March she refused to continue to negotiate with you because you were crude and full
Of it so how often did you receive contact from her since none that too is a proven fact ! The email to Liz wasn’t stalking wasn’t slander libel harassment or intimidation it was facts given by an advocate doing her job that is in fact her Job protecting and aiding women from abusers she forewarned kindly with nothing but care and concern to Erin and was respectful and polite to Liz. If Liz and Erin didn’t buy it didn’t want to know didn’t care they didn’t need to respond, aid you in setting a trap or assist in the false accusations innuendo and fake retaining of attorneys civil and criminal misconduct that you demanded as did they in your response to immediately inform your victim of your threats and bs and theirs, you all choose to use that opportunity after much silence on this for a good period of time to capitalize on it create drama inflict fear and anxiety and to torment your victim adults rational reasonable intellectual responsible sane sober normal people don’t plot and twist to create intimidation and fear on false pretenses and fake threats than demand those are made known to a party who had nothing to do with it simply to get off on the chaotic bs and twisted mindset you and now they have about reality, most friends would either ignore it not aid and abed the abuse and threats in persisting and escalating or be appreciative for the concern for a friend and if they didn’t want to know not respond and pull the wool over the advocates eyes with Liz’s fake desire to speak or response, that’s just instigating something each of them
And you seem to be enjoying by escalating any and all minor thing to further your terrorizing of your victims! Then each of them aligned in a committed effort to end her your victims games and claimed falsely to have obtained all sorts of legal remedies and actions to stop her at once ! All false ! Not one of you did you just threatened her and they backed it up! Then your victim and her children so overcome with frustration, terror, haunting, exhaustion, humiliation and desperate to relieve the hell of lies innuendos misrepresentation falsification fabrication and bs that you spin to no end and no shame or remorse only further pain and hatred at them actually do what each of you stated in writing to having done and retained an attorney they sent you all a letter a pre trial request attempt to settle this lunatic behavior of yours and the completely baseless allegations of each of you and simply ask for a few normal sane mature rational and expected adult lawful respectful and responsible behaviors to either cease and to leave them alone agreeing in full to do the same for each of you of their own willingness and deep despair to end “YOUR GAMES” not theirs , that was sent to you dated on 7/11 recieved by you Stephen and signed for on their behalf on 7/15 , you each were given 10 days from the 11th to answer and settle your victims
offering even to wave their rights to recoup money lost in pursuing this madness to end, a brief answer of have someone call me to finally put an end this was recieved to the lawyers by you and only you on 7/23 late and minimal and not including your committed united groups availablity or willingness to come to the minimal humane terms offered, an added 10 days passed as that call to finally give you and they the peace and joy that was stolen by your victims and the zero time to entertain their games wasn’t of much rush to get over and done, no call was actually scheduled for all of you to actually come to the terms no agreement made the email again sent by you and only you on their behalf as in both you spoke for all of you as we in plural form (as you did in the threat you advised she be notified of on July 3 that was a lie represented by you as to actual real actions and retaining not one attorney but attorney’s by all of you in the commitment to end her games to civilly criminally take action than and to immediately retain no contact and protective orders you again stating we all, on their behalf) only more innuendo, more denial, more bs and no real actual resolve to yes finally end it awfully odd since all of you finally have peace and joy and zero time and were so committed so certain so demanding that she be made known of your actions that never occurred don’t actually ever take the opportunity to settle it for once and for all isn’t it I’d think given the immense disruption (haha) the victim and her children have presented all 4 of you with you would be eager to resolve it and actually finally end it , but you didn’t and don’t and they haven’t and don’t! We explained the amount of evidence the actual real actions that will occur the number of witnesses documents experts and so on that will be sought utilized and each and every civil and criminal avenue that will be pursued to include every ounce of evidence from day one til now that you and your friends seem to believe won’t have any impact on any of you your careers reputations finances families lives privacy future earnings and possibly your freedom yet no desire to end this willingly or as quickly as you and they claim you have to because of all that’s been done to all 4 of you ! An interesting and rather immature ignorant overconfident underestimation act of insanity, lack of sobriety, arrogance or simply the fact that you are getting off on doing this to them Stephen Thorpey and your friends no little of the legal issues they may very soon as in by Tuesday face and that’s real not the bs you all throw and the really of just how deep dark ugly long and deranged you are and can be proven to have been even by your own confessions in writing all verified over 200 times all of it confessed by you in text email letter card or journal entry to at least 7 different parties all facts all evidence all authenticated by experts all real ! Or you and they are alll guilty in this very sick extremely vile incredibly disgusting and absolutely twisted attempt to extort exploit and intimidate your victims into a state of fear and panic so they pay up to get you all to go away, conning her for money, fraudulently representing yourself your intent your emotions etc from day 1 only for gain to extort exploit use and abuse than squeeze the life out of each of them and take all you could was your game all along you your actions your lies your behavior proves that and your history the evidence the witnesses and the facts that are not fabricated and are now 100% authenticated as genuine as to content date time sender reciever etc all ready for your games to finally end since you don’t want to sign the peace offering and they don’t either, that now makes them to be suspected as accomplices maybe from the beginning who knows the lies and bs are too thick to know what you are or were plotting and than they too if so are and will be held criminally and civilly accountable right along with you ! Let’s get this straight and let’s never again retrace this fact and it is fact just like everything else is : no social media inquiries were done you Stephen Thorpey didn’t block your own wife on Pinterest (or her sister in law , best friend from nj, her daughters best friend or her nieces) you Stephen Thorpey left 4 mutual friends unblocked on Facebook 2 of them helped you get into rehabs here because they were her friends , one was her cousin and the other her friends husband, you Stephen Thorpey didn’t block her on fancy, flicker, tumbler, Spotify, sound cloud or you tube along with about 4-6 other friends or relatives of her and the kids or her family and you didn’t block her sister-in-law, nieces or friend from nj and her husband on LinkedIn, you Stephen Thorpey also had her sons car account for the cars he’s interested in, his friends, his friends dad, her nephew and her daughters best friend from nj’s x boyfriend on your instagram, let go the very child who helped your victims son a boy you claimed as son who you treated about as hateful cruel neglectful and disgusting as possible and feel no remorse shame guilt or any decency a normal sane sober Christian adult man with any dignity intelligence heart or humanity would feel saw the items of theirs for sale by you and sent screen shots via his mom to your victim and she reopened her account which was established after the first time you stole an array of her and her kids expensive items and profited proof of that too that’s no lie and your confession to it valid authentic and real and as she’d attempted to sell some items at one time on that app as well so there is no stalking no seeking, only you being cocky, arrogant, spiteful, deliberate, cruel, calculating and entitled enough to believe no one would repeat it or have issue with all your double life and lies being exposed or that your too self absorbed wasted or out of it to realize your that sloppy and all that was documented to prove all those individuals who now have blocked you aren’t lying it was again you and only you and Erin’s openly publicizing it all as if no one should dare think a thing of what you’d pulled for so long and when you outed it all! So sick are you that you actually have the insane thought that any inquiry needed to be done you are to arrogant to overly confident, to egotistical, to self engrossed to actually think she or anyone else wants to see you your actions your lies your bs and your games, or that as her dad was dying and she was attending his services or at his bed side she her kids her family her friends or any self respecting dignified moral sane sober human being with a heart or any God in them or morality needed to see the spitting in her face and crapping on her loyalty or mocking your betrayal abuse and harm to her and those kids you are insane not a single person needed or wanted it sought or gave a crap to see your pathetic show put on and everyone saw right through your timing you wanted this you wanted to make her the kids her family and everyone look nuts over reactive you wanted to be the victim so that if Erin ever got wind of the truth you could discredit and smear their names reputations sanity and your relationship through the mud so you’d appear innocent when all reacted either that or you are truly a black hearted sadistic pathetic excuse for a person and just didn’t care and your friends are just like you selfish heartless cold cruel beings that enjoy the suffering pain and harm they inflict on others or the lies they tell about people they know nothing of but you and they get off on helping you as much as you get off on abusing ! Absolutely after you bragged how proud happy peaceful you were how often you degraded denied threatened intimidated and vulgarly reacted how you rubbed it in your victims face the way you spoke to any party in such vicious disgusting disrespect who attempted to answer to your threats obtain info as you’d alleged to have retained attorney’s than too and to be seeking civil and criminal action make an apology for an email you were accidentally sent less than a handful of emails questioning why you’d lied for so long as if you are above that question way back in April and to arrange return of items or final paperwork and all to which each party was cursed out f ed off called psycho or intimated and threatened legal actions for absolutely normal stuff and all as your victim her kids her friends and family sat at her father’s bedside as he died than went through the wake service and burial all of which you knew and all of which you proudly bragged of how peaceful happy and thrilled you were to have behaved as you did at that time with that disrespect and vulgarity and threat that was again baseless just your lies and normal adult expectation asked reason to act like the psycho you not them but what else is new it’s all you do! And of course every friend family member professional and your victim and her children were infuriated shocked and deeply fearful of just how cold hearted fake and full of hate contempt and sickness your behavior was and yes they all reacted no one puts up with that type of abuse and harm to women and children or family in mourning or those types of threats lies intimidation etc and to a family in mourning a man who was amazing to you in every way and generous to you beyond belief spit on too no sane normal sober adult man who has God in him has values has a heart or is rational reasonable intelligent responsible or human acts as you have and continue too! Wake up your the problem you had and have had a chance to do one right thing and sign that with your friends end it leave her and those kids alone end your games stop the lies the deflection the manipulation the twisting the blame shifts all the character assaults denials threats fake allegations and for once in your life be a dam man and own your crap it might actually help you but if you don’t and they don’t all your doing is proving how much you all want to continue to torture them
Stephen it’s your crap your the problem that woman that family those kids her friends bent over backwards for you and did more than they should have and gave been more than patient and fair in acting on your games finally ending the peace and joy you stole being granted them, how dare you spit in their faces like you have with this crap your pulling you deserve what you get if you keep this going so do your friends because no mature intelligent sane sober responsible dignified normal human being would choose otherwise Stephen thorpey Wether it’s now or in the future or when you meet your maker the truth your going to have to face it always comes out it has each other time didn’t it that’s how you got this bs isn’t it enough didn’t you go to far this time come on man the f up just let the woman her kids her family her friends and whoever else you hate be let it go it’s only your own anger at getting caught being outed the truth told being confronted and having to actually face the music for once that’s driving this and your addiction mental illness anger issues impulse control and other bs you decided not to deal with not them you lied you for a really long time to a ton of people under life and death circumstances over and over stop just man up sign off and if your smart you got one shot to make amends to her and those kids they deserve it your acts against them are brutally vicious and heartless you didn’t care if they lived or died or what u took you showed it then and you have shown it every day since all in more shocking gross sick ways! Stephen Thorpey the peace joy and time you claimed they took from you and your friends is so easy it has been your the only one stopping it you and your stubborn ego and pride get over it as a man I know we got to do this sometimes and it’s usually what defines men and separates men from boys or insane from
Sane! Stephen Thorpey get it over immediately! Or you are full of it and so are your friends because the only reason not too is greed and gain or vicious spite because the truth is a reality you won’t let go out in the open ! Man up ! Thank you in advance! 9 Angry Men 2 abuser n friends