Unprecedented Opportunity for Congress

Subject: Unprecedented Opportunity for Congress
From: E.E. Laine
Date: 28 Jun 2020

The recent increase in racial tensions across America presents U.S. Senators and Representatives with a unique opportunity. These elected leaders can show constituents how men and women from disparate backgrounds—racial, generational, religious, socio-economical, educational, etc.—should work together.
After all, their jobs exist to reach and implement decisions that A) uphold the United States Constitution and B) help our uniquely wonderful country become the Republic described in The Declaration of Independence.
Unfortunately, PARTYISM (loyalty to a political party) has been rearing its head in ugly ways. When a Republican introduced the Justice in Policing Act of 2020, it was shot-down without discussion by Democratic Congress members.
As an (allegedly enhanced) alternative to The Justice bill, a Democrat introduced the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020. Like its predecessor, this Bill was taken down by members of the opposing party.
NEWSFLASH CONGRESS MEMBERS: Americans should be able to count on you to rationally evaluate difficult situations and to pass laws [to improve said situations], for the benefit of the American public. Oh…and laws should be passed and implemented within a reasonable period of time.
Are those tasks difficult? Undoubtedly.
Were you aware of those difficulties when you chose to run for office? Hopefully.
PartyISM may well be the most detrimental -ISM in America. Please Congress, cut the crap and start working together as adults who are paid well, to represent well, the people who granted you the opportunity to lead the United States of America forward.