The Ultimate Perfection

Subject: The Ultimate Perfection
Date: 9 Jun 2017

I am incomplete without you.
You are incomplete without me.
Reflect upon this.
Truth is the puzzle created by the Source, the pieces that perfect it are you and I.
If the puzzle is incomplete without one of us, then we are incomplete without each other.
Judge another, you judge yourself.
Hate another, you hate yourself.
Love another, you love yourself.
You cannot have both, Truth has no room for anything but perfect love.
To want both will start a separation, you will become two.
Consciousness the Truth and Unconsciousness the illusion.
One is and has always been deep within. The other takes many forms, creates confusion and madness. It takes the path to the dead end of depression, deceit, and lies, it closes your mind, locks the door, and hides the key.
The truth never questions, it never analyzes, what you and everyone around you truly are does not need questioning.
However, to wake up from your deep sleep, many questions shall arise.
When one seeks the Truth of Life, it shall always be found, because you’ve always had it and will always have it. It is right here, right now.
Until the treasure is found, question everything, hold onto the good, be aware of the bad, and ultimately let go of both, become neutral and still, find Yourself underneath the duality.
Let the past and the future fade away.
Healing cannot be done in the past, it must be done in the present to release you from the future.
To realize your True being, no competition is needed, you are already that, the Highest.
There is no need for a choice to become enlightened. When no choice is made, that which remains, is enlightenment.
I love you.
I love you for loving me.
I love me for loving you.
We look at ourselves as The Imperfect until we realize that we are, and have always been, a vital component of The Ultimate Perfection.
Our small shadows of darkness shall be dissipated by our love that is as great as the entire universe.
Darkness is never from love, darkness does not know love.
However, love will always reveal the illusion of darkness, love will show you that you have created nothing, it’s only real because you’ve made it real.
There is no need to fight the darkness, simply allow it to lose. You will then realize the darkness shall be transmuted into growth by Love. Love will always be triumphant.
What you believe is attacking you is nothing, it is simply mind made content, how can nothing attack you?
You have given this nothingness reality, a reality that does not know truth.
But you may say that it feels real… my friend you are the creator of your own reality.
Your feelings are creative, you have created them. You may transform them as you please, you must believe you have the power to do so.
You have created a prison for your mind but here is the catch, you hold the key in your hand to get out.
Each person’s prison may have different walls, it may be more complex, and it may have more chains.
But they all have the same thing in common, they all trap you from the Truth.
The Real World has no walls, no chains, and night is never seen.
Free yourself. Take the first step.
I Am here for you, and with you.
Because without you, I Am nothing.

I don’t know I can’t explain it, I’m just so thankful that you’re here, I am so grateful for you, thank you for being you.