Ultimate Drama Queen!

Subject: Ultimate Drama Queen!
From: Two kids, too many for this kind of drama....
Date: 27 Jun 2017

So let me start this off by saying, I have never once felt the need to blast you out on social media! No matter what i thought of you, as i am entitled to my own opinion, as you are too. But i feel i had no right to put my opinions on to others. Some of the things i saw really had me questioning myself as a friend, but over time i saw this pattern, the need you had to play others off against one another was unreal. But that is on you and it was my choice to stay and play the high school games along with you.
I stayed, because the reality was the friendship i through was worth all the mind games, even on nights where came home feeling like the most undervalued person known to man kind, but in my head i felt that was my own insecurities i had to deal with.
Over time i started to see the patterns, and i guess the real you.. The one that no one truly sees, and one that no one has had the guts to call you out on.... And I can see why.
I'm not putting this out here to "bag you" out, because at the end of the day we had some dam good times and there is no denying that you were good to me, But i was just as good to you! The power you though you had just went to your head.
You brought out a hole knew low, doing what you did and it just made you look like an attention seeker..
Nothing more nothing less, and i feel it shows more about yourself than it does me. Because at the end of the day i did nothing wrong and the people that matter know this. You included...
I do hope calling me out on what i did "wrong" makes you feel better about yourself, but remember that you can't go around living life the way you do, with no consequences. One day you will mess with the wrong person and they will bring down the world you live in..
Until then, enjoy getting your kicks out of belittling other so called friends.