The truth

Subject: The truth
From: Me
Date: 4 Jul 2017

You wanted to know the truth, here it is the truth.
I have been in MK ULTRA for many years. I have plans to reveal all the truth years from now. But God put in my heart to do it now. So here it is. Many people have said they want to know. They want knowledge. If you want knowledge I will give you knowledge. More knowledge that you can take. I will give you knowledge here that will be useful for you and the family if you want to use it. The question is can you handle the truth and the consequences of it.
Before I continue I want to say God, Jesus Christ put on my heart to put this message out. Many people say I’m layer deceiver and so on. I cannot control what other people think and do is not my business. If you don’t believe I’m talking the truth please go away. Don’t listen to this message. Don’t read it. Less people read it less problems I will have. Again I don’t want to write these things. My God told me to do it. So I will do it. I don’t have choice. God told to say this:”If anybody comes against this message is not of Christ. Doesn’t matter his title, doesn’t matter if it is pastor apostle prophet. He is not of Christ. And if you listen to that person you will put generation curse on you. And the blood will be upon you for generation to come. You will not be able to clean it or put guilt to other person”. Again with this said I want to add one think I will write this as a personal testimony. I will not do research. If you do research on the facts I said and if something is wrong; is personal testimony is still truth. Example If I said 100 000 dollars. And the exact number is 230 000 doesn’t really matter is a personal testimony. I will not do any research to get exact numbers. I don’t get paid for this I don’t make any money. God told me to put the truth and the warning out there. If you want to do research and know the truth again do it by you self. If you want to listen to this message good for you; if you don’t and go and spend some time other place. If you don’t like my grammar you don’t have to be here. Again I’M DOING THIS BECAUSE GOD TOLD ME. I WILL TELL EVERYTHING I KNOW. So the truth can set you free. If you want.
So if you still around let’s started. Before I start my story I just wanted to say that I found some testimony that in USA alone has 1 million MK ultra. Which I believe is true. What will this mean for you I will talk later if you still around. And if I’m still alive. How this thing started??? Many believe that this thing started when I was 19 years old when I had my first girlfriend. This is not true. This thing started when I was around 18 years old 4th year high school. When I was assigned controller/informer/spy working for this people (which are this people I DONT KNOW IF YOU FIND OUT AND IF YOU STAY ALIVE PLEASE LET US ALL KNOW, I will write for the people that I know. But the main source I don’t know who is it. But I know they are very powerful people). Then when I was 19 years old I got my first Girlfriend. Actually she got me. She was 18. She insisted we dated. I had as I remember 2-3 sexual intercourse with her in a period of 3 moths, which happen again on her request. I dint want to have sex we her. She wanted. She wanted to get pregnant and she wanted to get married. After 3 months or so we broke up. Many people use this person as a corner stone for my case. I will not go in details. But I will tell you that this girlfriend had regular sexual relations since she was 16 year. This is not legal sin itself. But she was not mother Theresa also. But also when she was 16 she was bit up for her boyfriend and probable rapped. Now if this case was treated as normal case in front of court her testimony would not hold. Because at the time of dating she was under heavy influence of the past experience. Meaning that she had to go to multiple physical and physiological checkups for any of her testimonies to be accepted as true. Also her Grandmother was involved in witchcraft activities. (Probably they dint told you that when they told you how it started did they.). So God ask me to ask you. If you put somebody in prison on false testimony, without any legal persecution without any legal evidence what person are you. Are you person you life freedom justice. Or you like more torture type preceding. In the next 1-2 years I was heavily harassed, threaten with beating, murder and so on base on this girlfriend. At the same time WIFE of relative of my mother with I have talk to 2 times in 19-20 years was put in Jail. She was put in jail for steeling 100 million dollars. So I was harassed because of that also. I NEVER receive any phone call for the police for any breaking of any law. NEVER. If I was never legally persecuted did I did something wrong? In the law person can be persecuted for the crime only once. I don’t know the law. But for raping depending of the country people get 6 months to 2 years. I got 20 years torture for the things that I never did. Also under the law if any evidence is made public cannot be presented as valid evidence in the court of law. God told me to warn you “be careful what you wish for because same people that push this persecution without use of the law, will use it against regular people one day. And you gave them this right and approve in it. YOU APPROVE TORTURE.” God told me to tell you that. If you don’t believe so be it. Is not my problem. In the spiritual realm you were deceive and you give you right to make law and legal preceding void. Now just food for thought, there is 1 rape case of a girl everyday on every major college in USE. How many colleges are there 1000. So roughly you have half a million to a million RAPE cases per YEAR in USE on the student level. Have you see any of this technology used on ANY of these cases. NO. Was my girlfriend so special? Am I so special?? No. But you were deceived. During this 2 years there was special physiological torture used combined with illegal drug injected in the air and the food without my knowledge. The treatments were constricted from a doctors working for the secret polices. God ask me to ask you “if somebody is drugged and tortured. If his brain is damage on purpose, who is to blame for the conduct for the person? Also who is paying for this? Is it not you and your kids paying for these projects? Is it not you and your kids with hard earn money, with blood money paying for this doctors. Who are this people? Do they like small girls? Do they like small boys? Do they rape? You don’t know this people. But you still paying are you not. Who is the full now? Me or you. Whose money is spent mine or yours. When you kid get rape sometimes the police doesn’t even look at you case. But you still pay for this people. THE SECRET POLICE. The SPECIAL ONES. When somebody take you kids sell it for the organ harvesting, do you hear any phone call from them. Do you ever hear phone call from this people, the SECRET POLICE with special projects. What are these special projects? Do you see any benefits of them? Think before you sell you right again the spiritual realm “. You want to know the truth. They told me to I don’t want to talk. They told me I don’t want warm talk. They told me that I don’t want to tell you the truth. You want to know the truth. Read on down and let’s make the party started a.
Some of the people. Some of the key people that were associated with this torture in this 2 years, for Satanic worshipers. They were involved in Satanic rituals (Let me guess, just wild guess they dint told you this part). So let me sum it for you now. We have WIFE of a Cousin that I almost never knew who is put in jail for 100 million. We have girl who is sexually active since 16 year, rapped bit up and has mental consequences of that experience and which Grandmother is a witch. We have Friends from Secret police and doctors from the secret police. And on top of it we have people involve in Satanic Rituals involve in this torture. Well this is just the first 2 years. You don’t want to hear the rest of it?? Jesus told me this is true. If you are calling me lair that’s you privilege. But again ANYBODY comes against this message will put generation curse on himself and the family. What can be consequences I DONT KNOW the EXACT consequences. But there will be consequences. So go to Jesus and ask him. When something happen don’t come to me like a small girl crying I did it. You did on you self I didn’t ask you to be here. Again is better for you NOT to read further then to read further and go against this message. Trust me. I was in MK ultra 20 years. I saw how things work. Ok if I stay alive I will continue tomorrow. Bye now.
Let me Give you some Bonus knowledge just because you are lover of truth. Since you made it so far. Joke. Joseph Mengele (And I know the last name is wrong spell. If you want to know how to spell it check for you self A) the main doctor working in concentrations camps in Nazi Germany, with the operation PAPER CLIP, was transferred to USA. He is one of the main people in MK ultra program. You know the guy who would remove skin from the people while still alive. Pour acid on them and watch their reaction. You know the guy who would put the kid in the same room while they are raping and killing his mother. That the person running the MK ultra. Just want to know are u now Proud being partaker to this program true me. I mean you can shake hands with Joseph the doctor when you see him somewhere sometimes, if he has time to stop buy and shake your hand (running between important projects probably).
Ok let’s say you don’t want to read any more and you are the person that just wants to know the facts and go on with life. Let me give you the fact of my project. And if you don’t want to be bothered by the spiritual part and things you don’t have to. Ok the cost of the project was around 1 billion dollars, paid by YOU tax money. The consequences??? God Show me event. He told me it is personal messages. So is not prophecy. I cannot talk about the event. There is consequence of people using EYE OF HORUS (All Seeing Eye) which was the main goal. I don’t want to say it but God told. The price of people using the EYE of HORUS is death. How many people will die? I DONT KNOW. But by me understanding the bible, the satanic rituals and other thinks I would give you estimate AFTER this event happen. As a direct consequence of people using EYE of HORUS 100 000 people can die (1 hindered thousand people will die). But can go all the way to 10 million by time Jesus comes back. What does it mean and when this event will take place? I CAN NOT TELL YOU, I DON’T have the date. But my estimate is within 15 years. So when I say people will die I don’t count 80-90 year old dying from heart attack. I’m talking 3 year old kid dying because parents were using EYE of the HORUS, 15 year old, 40 year old. Who Loves you more? Me telling you the truth. Without being paid. Or all this liars telling you is ok to use eye of the Horus. There will be no consequences. I’m telling you there will be consequences. And be ready to pay it. Again hundred thousand is set mark as my guess. Because the eye of the Horus was already activated the demons summoned. The demons wes given legal right of the family which are using the eye of Horus to devour. So let me basically tell you what happened here, so you don’t die of laughing and came and blame me in after life because I killed you with laughter. When you use EYE of HORUS you are giving you energy, human energy, the demon need to transfer different dimension. When the demon is already summoned, using you energy he has legal right on you and on your family (if you are father he has legal right to you wife and the kids and so on. Just for you to get the picture while you laughing). Now this is the catch 22. The demon doesn’t go back to the other dimension without blood. So that’s where is 100 000 comes in. Even if Jesus doesn’t want this to happen you already give you energy, soul to the demon. He has LEGAL right on this. Believe it or not, there is legal right in the Spiritual domain. Example just before you collapse of laughing let’s assume you got drunk one night. You go to the zoo and you steal cage with Tiger in it. I know is funny I’m laughing my heart out. But let me finish. You go to the student dormitory and you release the tiger in the dormitory but you lock the door of the building nobody comes in, nobody comes out. And as a good wasted drunker you fell asleep in the car, or in your house. You wake up next morning you open you Galaxy 7 or whatever. You see picture of you releasing the tiger. Now you think 5 minutes and you say ok this is not good. Let me call the zoo they will take care of it. Actually probably the tiger is just sleeping in the launch and watching some internet. And we are all good. You call the zoo and you find you there is 30 people death. So the point of the story is this. If you already summoned the demon, it will take time and some blood before the demon is returned home to hell. I really understand how funny it is. I really do. If God didn’t told me to write it I would just keep on laughing by myself everyday knowing this story. Anyways. Since you know the good part, you really don’t have to listen more. But if you do want to listen let me continue. I’m little tired so let me sleep little. Just food for thought, 100K dead or 10M dead for a girl and guy having sex before marriage and some argument. And 1 billion dollar price bill. Wow who ever runes the whole show. And who ever signs the bill probably have a great life. Me for dinner I had plain rice. My kids have plain rice and we are happy. If My neighbour argues, I don’t care because I really don’t have energy to think. I guess spending billion here billion is really heavily blessed. Talk to you tomorrow. Let me just give you some teaser. I will talk about Irvine B. The king of the prophecy. Stick around.
So to cut the story short, this torture continues for more less 10 years. It was going on in the school, work, home, at the street. Many time guys I never knew, never seen, would come to me and say we are going to kill you. So I really don’t know the law under this secret agency operate. But I would guess to treat to kill somebody has to be criminal offence. I just remember I saw one book title it was like “Things that witches don’t want you to know”. The author is Christian. I never read it. I would probably never read it. But you can check it out and match my story with it. This torture was all over the place, from the “fact” that I rape somebody, then the “fact” that I kill somebody, to the “fact” that I talk to somebody to laud.
My main handler was my uncle. I would give you some background of the person. Even today I have no idea who prophesied that this person is a great Christian. Whoever was probably got lot of green paper? Anyways. The person has part of his head missing. It is replaced with some metal things. I believe all his forehead is missing and is some kind of metal. He got it during reckless driving. So imagine Jesus type prophet driving 100mh/h on the street that is 30mh/h, crushing other car and suffering major injuries. That is not exactly what happened. I’m just giving you example. That would surely look Christian and if I was pastor, I would surely prophecy that this person is a great Christian. Not to mention the mental difficulties he has to have. Which make him really strange person to be a gate keeper on the EYE of HORUS? Since is 1 trillion dollar equipment. For me look like sending blind nurse to do heart surgery. And praying for her to be successful. Anyways. That’s just me... What do I know? The person has DEEP criminal record. By age of 15 he had multiple robberies, physical beating of people, and sexual assault of underage girls (possible rape). Never been put to jail. Never been brought to police. The father was key politician in the city. And even today they keep on talking about their life as non Christians. For me don’t sound right but let’s just hear one of their examples. “I didn’t study. I didn’t go to school. The teacher would not give me passing grade. At night time I would wait on the road and I would keep on trying stone on her. When she was coming back from work. After 3 months suffering from physical injuries, she had to quit her job and move to another city”. Again maybe is me, but this looks like serious CRIMINAL case. He has friends involved in politics. Just to give you example, one of his friends spend 1 million dollar of people money on 4 pieces of tree. Talk about budgeting. His friend was involved in 1 billion dollar money laundering from Asian country. He is person that assisted other people to dessert the army (believe deserting the army is also criminal case). So the question is who accepted the testimony of my uncle that is ok to use EYE OF HORUS?
Again I’m telling you what I know. If I don’t know it I cannot tell it. I don’t know how they did it. I’m just telling you what I know. And what God told me.
At that time there is 4 Christian pastors that could have stop this at its beginning. One of it is Irvine B. He is person that works for NSA (No such agency) not to be confused with NSA (National Security Agency). Him main purpose is to keep the Christians obedient to the NSA. Again I cannot imagine any poster to have any connection to MK ultra. But this guys new at the begging. He new of the demons summoning. They KNEW all of it. They didn’t stop it because they got good donation. Let me Give example of the work of Irvine B. It was long time ago. I believe 1990s he prophesied that 144 000 from Revelation are the Jews leaving in West Bank. Now time pass by turn out that prophecy is wrong. At that time he asked donation for him to send newspaper to west bank to all 144000. So let’s do the math. 144 000. Let’s say people give 5 dollar donation for every western banker we are talking about 1 million dollars. At that time the gold was around 400 dollar/once. So we are talking 2500 ounce of Gold. With one prophecy witch by accident turn out to be wrong. And I believe people didn’t got any refund. This guy is in business for decades. I don’t want to talk about the other 3 people. My point is the ALL Seeing Eye was introduced to the Church by 5 or 6 people. Not by me. Again If you don’t want to believe. Fine. Jesus told me to give you this message. I’m just giving some facts that should make you AT LEAST think about the credibility of this people. There is thousands pastors around the world. And if you want to throw the cross for the liars hey is you choice.
So what is the EYE of the HORUS? First let me get the technical side of it. Is it equipment that is worth about 1-3 trillion dollars. Connects everything satellite, cameras on the street light, cameras on the computers, you monitors and so on and so on with sophisticated software. So let’s do simple math. You know I’m not economist so I might be wrong million here or million there. Let’s say you rent Ferrari with value of 1 million dollars. Per day will cost let’s put low 500 dollar. So let’s say you rent 1 billion dollar equipment will cost half a million dollar per day. Again I’m doing this from my head. Maybe I’m wrong. So 1 trillion dollar of commercial rent will cost 500 million dollar right? When you multiple that 365 and you multiple that 10 years. It turns out quite a bit of sum a. Ok let’s say this is way off. Let’s do other angle. Let’s say you post your tube video. And they pay you 0.01 dollar for example 10 minutes per person viewing it. So let’s do math. Let’s say 100million people view this eye of Horus. Let’s say 10 times per day. Commercial value would be 1 million per day??? Let’s say we multiple 365 x10years we coming up 4 billion dollars?? Again not Prophet, not apostle. Not Nobel Prize winning economist. Just simple 4 grade multiplication. So that’s the money YOU pay for project to torture me. Commercial value. Again if you have some friend inside maybe he will give you discount since you know how things are there, hey nobody has to know about it. You know how these things go. You rub me down I’ll rub you up. Until there is honey to eat. Wow Actually the last one I made it.
So let’s see the spiritual component of it. Eye of the Horus is nothing new. TOP level Satanist can do Eye of Horus for centuries by using blood, pure blood of baby. They would take life baby slice it open. The blood running they would sum Eye of the Horus. There is also Eye of the witch. So these terms are not strange. Any high level Satanist or witch will tell you they knew these things and they have been using it since probably time of Moses. Remember Janis Jebries. And the snake. The Eye of the Horus is opposite or antithesis of the Holy Spirit. Is all seeing, all knowing all present spirit of the DEVIL. Again the bible says ALL the sins will be forgiven except the sin against Holy Spirit. Don’t you think that using the Eye of the Horus would be sin against Holy Spirit? I would think so. So let’s think. Which is worst using Eye of Horus or watching porn? Eye of the Horus. Just to give you picture. Eye of the Horus is the Ultimate sin, because you are making you self God. Now the problem that most of the people using the Eye of Horus they are making them self God over one person, that would be me, but getting the same punishment as a High Level Satanist, who is super rich, does human sacrifice, orgies and so on and so on. And really why would want to know anything about me?? It really bothers me. Maybe in the Judgment Day God will tell me why people wanted to know so much about me. I mean there are other 7 billion people on the planet. And believe me my hands are not the longest. As one Christian to another. If you getting my point. O by the way how come people with criminal records are allowed to use this equipment. When example somebody bit up and rape some girl in front of her house, the police is not allowed using ANY NSA resources without Judge Approval. I must be really really stupid. I don’t get it.
So let’s sum this: We have 1 trillion dollar equipment, we have 4 pastors blessing the use of the Devil EYE, and we have uncle given unlimited permission to 1 trillion dollar equipment with mental problems, criminal history and no education. Is it just me or I’m missing something, Or should I get baptized in the Holy Spirit to understand this things.
So what’s next? Next are the things I know about the spiritual you don’t know it. Because nobody told you. Stick around a.
Ok I’m really really tired. I really really don’t want to do it but God Jesus told me to finish it so let’s to it. MK Ultra and Monarch programs have history since 1950s I believe. First program started in USA. The Senate thought that torturing, raping and killing people might be against US constitution. So officially they shut it down. They transfer in Canada, but they continue to operate in USA but under different name or type. There is quite a bit people from the Nazi Germany camps (doctors most of it) involve in MK ultra camps. Same as in NSA and Space programs. In General German and Russian scientist are considered the best in the Caucasian world (nothing connected to MK ultra just a peace of knowledge there). I don’t know if it is true but that’s how they rank them. They started experiments with adults. But later they found that if the work with children of 2-3 years old they get much better results. As I said there is about 1 million MK ultra in USA alone. So let me explain what it is. If you read the bible it says that WE ARE TEMPLE of Living God. Means there is place in us that Holy Spirit can dwell there. On other places it says that Demons can dwell in us. So the bottom line is there is place in us where Holy Spirit or Demons spirits can dwell. The idea of MK ultra is to torture the person. Mostly is done with sexual rape in other for the person spirit to open up and the demons can be summoned inside. Once the demons are inside there is special ritual performed on person so he can do certain things (mean he can be program). Can be anything that the programmers need him or her to be. Hit man suicide bomber. ANYTHING. During this process MK ultra is open to the new dimension. So it is very imperative to continue or refresh the programming inside of the person. Otherwise the programming will melt during the time and the demons can not dwell inside. At that point the person becomes not controllable and unpredictable. Now let’s think for a second. Let’s say this program loses its funding. Let’s say this refreshing of the programs cannot be done any more. What do you think will happen to 1 million MK ultra. Let’s Say you have MK ultra passing to you religious building every day. And he is watching his controller being treated as a nice person and regular member (same person that might have rape her when she was 5 year old). Don’t you think there might be some unpredictable action I would think so. How about that person in the cinema 2-3 years ago. He was MK ultra he killed around 20 people by himself. The point is this issue is not really address in the Church. People they don’t pray about MK ultra. They don’t consider it. But one day it might became problem. Most of the MK ultra are pretty innocent people when they are forced into the program. Can be let’s say virgin 14 year old girl stole some lap top. They use that single even with a guilt factor and torture and rape. And when she is 16 she might be already professional prostitute for satanic rituals. So the program itself its really demonic. One thing that MK ultra people that don’t know is this: Many demons are summoned inside of them. Most the MK ultra people they just wish or pray for peace or the demons to leave them. Or for them to have peaceful sleep. But the case is since they are summoned inside the person, the person that controls the demons at this point is the MK ultra person. Is not the handler or the Satanic Priest. So They can easily command these demons to go back to the person that summoned them.
During the programming repetitive words KEY words are used. The bible strictly forbids to use repetitive WORDS (don’t use vain repetition). So when MK ultra program is completed there is series of key words that are programmed in the MK ultra. They are considered MAGIC SPELL CASTING. And open doors for specific demos to come in. They are called MK triggers. In my case I have seen people using MK triggers all the time. I would strongly advise you not to do so. It will summon demons in MK ultra life and in your life at the same time. The damage of the MK triggers cannot be estimated. Depends on the Demons you triggered and the action the MK ultra will do or consequences will do. Example worst case scenario you say Sesame Open Up ( and you know is trigger word), MK ultra goes in some place takes the Gun and shot 10 people and kill himself. Probably you have lost you salvation and you might have serious problems in life with demonic possession. So just the fact that you know the trigger word doesn’t mean is safe to use it. Actually is really risky. Again you can do whatever you want. This is my testimony.
When I was in MK ultra my handlers were terrified 2 things. They were really afraid from people that know black magic. Because they knew that they are operating in the spiritual domain. And second thing they were afraid was the demons they are summoning from the hell. They knew if the MK ultra person releases the demons they are in big trouble. That’s whey they did special ritual for their protection. In CASE THE DEMONS ARE RETURN TO THEM they usually put some family member to be consumed by the demon. It can be brother sister, wife, and children. They would put anything. During my program as I remember I had about 10-15 programmers. One thing nobody was really afraid was the Christians. They knew that Christians are not thought to cast the demons properly and deal with the situation properly and they consider them harmless as long as their well being is considered. Again I’m not going to teach you how to handle the demos properly. I’m just telling you the facts. So during my program I never have seen any programmer suffer. But I have seen demons been diverted to their blood line (strange but that what I saw, that’s what I’m telling you. You wanted to know the truth).
So the bottom line is we are in spiritual battle. In order for any person to win this battle the first rule is: You have to recognize that there is SPIRITUAL LEGAL LAWS. Means Laws that are binding for demons angels people and Jesus himself. Well some they will see it is false. But let’s see. If there are no such laws why would Jesus have to obey the Laws and die on the Cross for us to be saved? So there are laws. If you break the law Jesus can help you until you reach the point of no return. At that point punishment is required. And Jesus cannot help you until proper punishment is done.
Second thing to win the battle: YOU have to recognise when you broke the law as soon as possible. Has to be time for repentance and the consequences to be stop
Third and final rule: Remember it is same rule for you as a Christian, and any other person including Satanic worshiper. Again it is same rules. Don’t think if the person is Witch, you own the legal laws. Because you will lose for sure. Since all the witches know the rules and you don’t. And they play by the rules. Example you go in Court and you start repeating I’m right because that person is a drug dealer; I’m right because I’m good he is bad and so on. On the other side the other person can say I complain that he hit me and made some physical damages to me. Off course the court will give the case to the other person. Because he didn’t broke the law AT that POINT.
So the spiritual battle is what you did today. Not what you did in the last 20 years. Remember that.
So let me give you example. Again this is from my MK ultra experience. I can just explain to you by example. If you can understand the point fine if not fine also. First thing we need to respect privacy. That is a big big big spiritual legal law. If you damage somebody privacy, there can be huge consequences. When I was 14 years old by accident I read one book. Part 1. I forgot the title I could not find the part 2. Anyways the story was about the person practicing to become witch. There was no specific rituals explain. So I don’t know what’s was practicing and how he was doing it. But in the book he was explain the spiritual things he was seeing. He was practicing as a white witch. Since he was new he went to New Mexico. He didn’t see the markings for the area he went to. But he ended into the zone that belongs to a black witch. And suddenly he saw the black witch going around him. At that time he had some protection. So the black witch tried to kill him but it could not so it back up. The fight was going out around 2 hours. So my point is people like black witches will punish any privacy violation with death or blood if they can.
Most of the people are not train in spiritual. They cannot feel or see the demons or angels. That’s why we need to be very careful to respect the laws of other. Because there is people that do operate in spiritual and can be very protective what is theirs. Also Same thing for Christian. You NEED to BE protective what’s yours. You need to use Angels. That’s why they are there. You NEED to stop any body reaching for your privacy or anything that you own in the spiritual (you kids wife, car) so on. Most of the Christians they don’t do that. So doesn’t mean if you respect somebody, you can be like a cat staring the colour door. No you need to be wise. And you need to brave. But again it all comes down to did you break the law first. And more important who was the person you offended. Was it regular person? Or was it not. If you broke the law first, let’s say you watch somebody for 3 days on camera, just to check if he stole you watch, with out there permission. Then you might have problem.
Also sometimes results are not obvious. It takes times. So let me tell you example in my MK ultra program. Except the main handlers there is bunch of small handlers or just helpers. This people are there for the money most of the time. They really don’t understand the spiritual component. They think they understand what’s happening but they don’t. In My case they usually would start very brave. They would use all seeing eyes. They would cast spells left and right (they don’t know they are casting spells). So they look like really pomp out. After some time you can see irritation sneaks in. They feel something wrong, something is not right. But they still continue. Then the third faze comes. At this point they realize something is really wrong, They are really really irritate. There might have been multiple demonic manifestations in their life. After the third phase they realize ok it was something wrong. They realize they lose, and they the fourth and final phase comes in. The stubborn or suicide phase. They say ok we will continue to do whatever we are doing it. WHAT EVER it take. Is very important to stop before the fourth phase. Because at the fourth phase is to late already. And anything can happen.
So I can go on and on and on about this. But I believe I made the point. Why Christians loose when they think they should have won.
Ok tomorrow I will write about the special strengths of the MK ultra, I will give you some case studies and I’m DONE. I have done my part. See you tomorrow.
Most of the MK ultra has special skills mental, physical or both. Most of the skills are obtained during the program due to demonic presence. So is not free gift. Also many times MK ultra behaves or shows those skills in day to day life. But again is not his character. Once the programming melts those skill are gone also. But there is always survival mentality in the MK ultra. Couple with the history that they spent so many years in spiritual realm makes them super dangers, especially if the programming melts. When the MK ultra finds his real right he has, under the bible and the constitution he will be super dangerous. So just example: You can expect person weights 50 kg to lift up 250kg. That type of power MK ultra can invoke. They can invoke it for very short period of time. After that period of time there is 50-50% that they might die or kill them self. Because they have spend all their energy of that moment and they cannot resist or fight the demons inside of it. But again when and if the programming melts you don’t know what MK ultra will do. Because he owns all the legal right to do pretty much anything. So I believe I might be wrong, that rebuking in the spirit in Jesus name might not really work. It might but as I said I doubt. Because MK ultra has the legal right for revenge. Again is just me.
Ok. The last Part. BE CAREFULL who you trust.
I’m going to give you just 2 examples, of people putting trust in a wrong person. And they didn’t got the refund also. So be careful who you trust. Because not all the man that say are of Jesus are from Jesus.
The first case is the pastor from Florida. I believe it was in 1980s or 1970s. His last name as I remember was Johnson. Any he was a pastor of a Church. Christian church. He was a member of the City consul also. So it was respected in the Christian and Civil community. Anyway this guy came out with idea that all the members of his church need to go to Africa (I believe South Africa) so they can be free and worship God. To cut the story short, 1000 people sold everything. They listen to him and went to Africa. They build community on sweat and blood, it was really hard. Anyway at some point things got complicated. So this pastor gives poison to all 1000 people (many many children included). So they drink the poison and died. While they were drinking the poison the pastor was reading from the Bible the verse which says “Nobody take you life from you” or something like that. I’m not going to go to check. If you want to know check it, But the point is the people love Jesus, they sold everything, they sweat and work hard but they still end up in Hell BECAUSE they follow wrong person. By the way turn out that Johnson was heroin addict later. So they didn’t got any refund for eternity also.
The second case is very fresh. This guy is 73 million dollar rich. He prophesied that Jesus will come back in 2000 year. Now the years came and pass nothing happen. Many believers sold everything waiting for Jesus. Because they thought they will not need money When Jesus comes back. But the pastor/prophet looks like new better. While people were selling he was hording money. Now probably live like a king laughing how stupid are the believers. Again people loved the Lord. They sold everything. But believed wrong person. They didn’t got refund also.
So let’s do little bible study without exact bible quotes. If you want to know exact quotes go and check by you self. First messing with the wrong dimension outside of Jesus is FORBIDEN. AND HAS consequences. Soul the first King of the Jews. One night he went to Necromancer. She summoned Prophet Samuel. Because Soul used Necromancer the punishment was death for HIM and HIS SONS. Again as I told you. When the demon has legal right it will on ALL the blood line. So be careful.
Everybody that goes to Church knows about David. We have heard many stories about David from the Tribe of Jude. The king that will rule the Jews when Jesus comes back. Right. So everybody knows the sin of David which is he slept with Beshiba and killed her husband. But very very very rare we hear for the second or bigger sin on David. Actually I never heard it in a Church. Maybe is just me. Ok David decided to number the people of Israel. Just because he numbered the people of Israel (made census) God sent Death angel. I forgot the number but I believe that the angel killed 70 000 people. Just because David wanted some info which is not allowed from God thousands of people have died.
So the point is there is given and forbidden knowledge. We as Christians are not ALLOWED to use ANY forbidden knowledge. So what’s the forbidden? Most of the time is common sense. If it is not allowed by law probably it should not be known. Example forbidden knowledge would be cutting somebody stomach just to see what he ate for dinner. Right is common sense. Or forbidden knowledge would be watching some girl on Camera just to see if her panties have flower or no. Common sense also. Also going to a witch and asking her info, forbidden knowledge. These are all common sense. Don’t get lawyer just to tell you what’s forbidden a.
So let’s finish with the moves DEVIL ADVOCATE. When they are in the train the devil look at the guy and told him: You wife Marcel will smoke crack with Carlos you neighbour and then they will have sex while you are not home. I never seen in the bible Man of God going around the place and telling people I know this about you. I know that about you. I know what you did last night. Never. I remember Elijah knew what the king did but that’s exception Elijah can bring fire from Heaven. And that was Jezebel he was facing. On the other hand Devil knows quite a bit. And as we can see from the movie not just he know. He can prophecy. In my MK ultra I was amazed when some people would give their soul and money and everything to some person that has special knowledge. That doesn’t prove anything. At least if he has forbidden knowledge you can bet you house is not from God. So let me ask you something Just food for thought what’s easier to say you sins are forgiven or to say lift up you bed and walk. What’s easier to the person to give you special information or to cure you kid that cannot walk (like Peter did with his shadow). What’s easier for a person to give you some knowledge that you really don’t need or to do 40 days fasting no food or water. So next time when you sell your soul and house to somebody, maybe that person can do miracle healings and fast 40 days at least in Jesus name a. Don’t be like Ishmael sell you birth right for a lunch just because you are hungry. And last one. Let’s say somebody give you information, he give you math calculation he give you all information you need to build satellite. But he took all you money and all you family. Is that information blessing for you or is a curse. Do you really really really need that information? And what are you going to do with the satellite watch TV. I know is funny. I’m just asking.
Anyway I’m done. Jesus told me to do this I did it. Any more complains and question talk to the King. All the glory goes to the King of King Jesus the Christ. I’m thankful that I’m alive until today (I don’t know tomorrow). And I’m thankful that I can give this testimony because people they were suppose to do it they didn’t. Night all.