Trump's supporters

Subject: Trump's supporters
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 30 Jul 2021

Let me say to you Donald Trump's supporters across the country you're been lied about the 2020 presidential election . There been no actually voter fraud Trump had cases after cases been in throwed out cause he didn't a case to present to judicial courts it been audits recounts in Michigan Arizona Georgia Pennsylvania Winconsin etc still the same showing Joe Biden. winning infact Joe gain a few votes more over Trump . This voter fraud audit going along in Arizona as well other places across the country it's a scam by Donald Trump and the republican party legislators across the country just so you can give your hard money in fighting the voter fraud when in fact it been reported that Trump has raise seventy- five millions and yet Trump hasn't use any of the seventy-five millions dollars that you donate to this voter fraud instead he use it for his own personal expense traveling paying off lawyers for court cases to his political staff not one dime he spent on this voter fraud don't take my word or believe me just watch the real news that report the facts unlike right wing media who just lying to about this voter fraud case as well Donald Trump. Trump even got his own son Don Jr. in persuading you Trump supporters in giving his Father Donald Trump money in fighting this voter fraud across and yet he hasn't spent none of the money on voter fraud just his personal use like McDonald's and traveling expense staff! These rallies he doing across the country reliving the 2020 presidential election claiming it was stolen from him fighting the voter fraud he asking you supporters to give him money to fight the voter fraud when he not going to use the money for vote fraud . I'm not of fan of either you Trump's supporters nor I fell bad for you because you made the decision to support the guy now you're taken been your life savings oh well !