Subject: Transliterated
From: Bobert
Date: 23 Mar 2016

Late night calls come to my surprise
You’re a little too late I cannot translate
These meanings you arrange like a science experiment
My butanes running out but my knife cuts deep
Dissected on this petri dish your words spread like disease

I play mad scientist, transcribing what you say
I can't get this right it's consuming me, late nights
Lighting strikes, tesla coils burn bright
The formula is destroying me, blood stained lab coats
Your under my knife, show me your mind

Parts of you under this microscope
Magnified so deep, I see you crawling
As you try to escape your victim to this now
Your in disbelief, "how could this turn around on me?"

You got what you wanted, this mind surgery
You didn't think me capable, you had me on my knees
Unsuspecting violence, you've fallen to this fate
Transliterated words carved into your feet

How does it feel?
The sting of my needle
I tell you it's not me (don't believe this is me)
Trust gained for a moment you lay against me
but this poking never stops, I can see your disbelief
How does it feel?
You mind raped me (ill make this two fold)
Yes, yes this is all me