Tory MPs

Subject: Tory MPs
From: fred
Date: 28 Feb 2018

Having watched the news over the past few days it seems that some of you(especially John Major) are trying to scupper Brexit/get a second referendum,we the people voted by a large majority in the biggest vote this country has ever seen to leave the EU.

If you as Tory MPs side with Labour and vote against the Government (and the people wishes)you will suffer the voters backlash and not get into power for decades to come.

Not only will you have gone against democracy but you will hand the keys of Downing St to Mr Corbin with all the damage that he will bring to our country and finances.

I have been a lifelong Tory voter BUT will never ever vote for the party again if the above happens.

To the readers of this letter please say so and pass the link on to others.