To Those Who Feel Safe

Subject: To Those Who Feel Safe
Date: 23 Feb 2017

I read the book in Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, For a class assignment, and It’s about the clutter family getting murdered, and also about the two murderers and why they did it. The Two murderers had little to no connection to the clutter family and still killed them.

The event that led me to my issue is the clutter family’s murder. They were murdered for what seems like no reason and they had no reason for being murdered. It’s also that the killers were able to kill an entire family in just one night. In the book one of the Neighbors tells another “BECAUSE HE’S DEAD” (pg.69) and it surprised them because they never thought anything bad could have happened to the clutter family.

I connect to this because I want to be safe, and I don’t want to be murdered. If I be safe and protect myself then I can be safe but if bad people couldn’t get a hold of weapons, then I wouldn’t have to be as protective. I’ve seen many murder show and when I was younger they would scare me.

My audience is people who think nothing bad like a murder could happen to them and don’t protect them self or don’t try to remove weapons from bad people. People who could be easy targets like the clutter family. There are still a lot of murders happening around the world every day. Here is a list of murders in the area I live in just this year alone.

The Purpose of this letter is to get people to be safer. To make people stop ignoring crime because they’re not being attacked, and Stop people from getting weapons for bad reasons, and start being safe around people with weapons.

In the book in Cold Blood the clutter family is murdered and It scares me that the same could happen to me at any moment. I should also say that this book is non-fiction and this happened in real life and many crimes like it happen every day.