To the teenager that just can’t handle it

Subject: To the teenager that just can’t handle it
Date: 10 Feb 2019

Dear girl,
You have no idea what you put your parents through. Nights of illness, stress, and worry don’t seem to mean a thing to you. We loved you and supported you. We sought treatment for your mental health issues and poured massive amounts of time and money into getting you the help you need. We have been over and over things in our mind and we have come to the conclusion this isn’t our fault, just as many people have told us.
People are stopping by at all hours of the day bringing food and support as though someone has died. You know what? Maybe someone did. The girl who cared so much for her family and was so grateful to be taken out of a horrible situation. The girl who shared movie nights, inside jokes, and vacations. The girl who was a beautiful hard working person who seemed to be figuring out where life was going to take her. Rest In Peace to the girl with morals and a future
In place of her there has come a girl with all the potential who didn’t even say goodbye to her small sibling. I don’t even know that girl. The one who brought her father to his knees to insure he’s fully aware of the hate she harbors for him, for trying to stop her destructive ways. He fought so hard for a slap across the face to get her way. The girl who made up countless lies about him and other members of her family as well as friends to be able to get her way. I hope he lives through this. This new girl wouldn’t even care. I hate this new girl and this girl will go no where. This girl is a coward and a spoiled selfish human being. This girl will wake up one day and realize the damage she has caused. This girl will have no strength or morals to make things right with the people she has hurt. This girl can not establish what is real and what is the story she has created. This girl is weak.
I hope teenagers and parents reading this can recognize parents try to save you from yourself. Family will be the only thing that you can count on, though that family isn’t always linked by DNA. Stop being their friend, parents. That’s how you end up with the letters ATM instead of mom and dad.
Girl, I hope you can find yourself before it’s too late.