Is Street Art a CRIME ???

Subject: Is Street Art a CRIME ???
From: a passionate lover of Art
Date: 1 Dec 2017
be free to be you

To me, art is everything that cannot be expressed in a straightforward way, being expressed in alternative methods. Alternative methods being poetry, drawings, music, posters, letters, plays, movies, b-boying, dance, etc. The list as to what can be defined as art is honestly a long and ongoing one, especially because everyone has their own mindset and perspectives. That being said, everyone can and probably had a specific and different idea of what art is.
And although I know that laws and rules are there for the protection of the people and their rights, the smaller more rebellious side of me, something a little different. It believes that for the purpose of creating a voice for themselves against oppression, one may sometimes be lead to breaking the laws. Not in all aspects, but in some. Street art has meaning and significance, not to mention beauty that is captured in at an elevated perspective. The thing about street art, or at least what defines street art in my perspective, is that in most cases it is done without the authority of the law, on public buildings. Not always, but in some if not most cases. The reason why to me this is so important is because constantly the government and society are filtering the people to images, music, people, and messages that only they define as acceptable, and we don’t even notice it. In my eyes street art is something that speaks up against all those things. It's something that often opens my eyes to the true beauty in life, or just exploring another side to everything; creating an alternative view. Why would the government and oppressing figures with power want the people to see such messages ?
They wouldn’t.
That’s why to me, the aspect of street art that is the illegality of it is just as important as the image itself. I’m reiterating, but it’s the power of giving yourself a voice without the permission of others that give it power. Street art is sometimes creating illegal images on public buildings without permission of the law.
So when it’s done illegally, is its meaning taken away ?
Can it still be considered art ?
In my eye, yes, street art most definitely will continue to have meaning to the people and be considered street art even when done illegally. The emotions and message to the people will be present in the art regardless of if it done with permission, but again there is something about getting things done without approval that brings thrill and power to people. I’m not saying that just because killing might be a way for someone to express themselves that it’s okay to to break the law. And I do know what this makes everything said sound a little contradictory. And that’s what makes legalizing or not legalizing street are complicated. If legalized than all the buildings might not be vision friendly. But I just strongly believe that sometimes, such as in the cases of street art, the expression of what one feels or is going through should be done, even without the permission of the law.