To the Stranger who gave me his shoulders to cry on

Subject: To the Stranger who gave me his shoulders to cry on
Date: 15 Mar 2019

Dear Stranger,

I met you when I least expected, but most wanted. I met you when I was all alone, carrying a mountain on my shoulder and a void in my heart. There you were, sitting in the cafe, deeply immersed in your laptop. And there I was, completely drowned in my thoughts, looking for a place to sit. The chair next to you was the only one I could lay my eyes on and I am so glad that I did. Without thinking that you may have kept it for someone else or that you may not want someone next to you, I just sat on the chair. The frown between your eyes made me realize of my abrupt encroachment, a bit too late, but you were kind enough to quickly change your frown into a smile. As I was absentmindedly looking at the wine list, you suggested that the one you were having was really good. After ordering, I rigidly sat there like a log, staring at my table without blinking. Even after my wine came, I remained unmoved. You, a complete stranger, read my energy and sensed that something was not right. You, a complete stranger found a moment for me, to look at me and ask me if I was okay. You didn’t have to do it, but you did. And for that, I can never thank you enough.

You were right. I was not okay. At that moment, I was at my lowest low. I had lost my baby, had spent last two days suffering excruciating physical pain and a few minutes before had got the very last remnants of my baby removed from inside me. And all through this, I had to force a facade to the world that everything was okay. The one person that I could share my pain with, the love of my life, was miles away and not reachable.

And then when you asked me if I was okay, against all my rational senses and in all my desperation, I looked at you and just blurted out, “ I have had a really bad day, can you please hug me”.

And you, a complete stranger, left whatever it was that you were doing and gave me a hug. Without questioning, without hesitation, you gave me a connection that I so desperately needed. And the moment you held me, all my resilience gave way and I broke down.

I cried for my baby, I cried for having to go through this alone, I cried for being lonely. I don’t know for how long my tears flowed, for how long my head rested on your shoulders and for how long your arms held me tightly. You kept whispering that everything will be alright. You didn’t loosen your embrace till the last tear rolled down my cheeks. And then after a while, when you had to leave for another engagement, you offered to stay with me for some more time. You kept asking me if you could do anything else for me. You had already done more than I could ask for.

We all have to go through our personal battles alone, no one else can do it for us. But no matter how strong we may be, having ‘someone’ next to us as we brave through these storms gives us much needed strength and reassurance that we will get through it with our heart and soul intact. You, my dear stranger, was that ‘someone’ for me that day.

I don’t even know your name but you are in my thoughts. You will always be in my thoughts. I hope that we meet again some day so that i could tell you how much your kind gesture means to me.

I wish you the very best in your life. I wish that all your dreams become reality and fill your life with love, happiness and joy. And I wish that during the times of your need, you have ‘someone’ next to you as you were next to me.

With all my heart,
The damsel in distress