Stop using me

Subject: Stop using me
From: A Jewish Woman.
Date: 29 Apr 2016

I am Jewish. Growing up in the south of England it wasn't something I liked to admit freely. We lived in a nice area and were “tolerated” because as a neighbour told my Mum, “You don't walk around in the strange clothes like other Jews”.

I've lived with anti-Semitism all my life. At one point I even tried to transform myself into a messianic Jew to try and avoid it all. Ha! I didn't understand then, that it is so much more than faith, it was my race too.
Throughout history, the Jewish people have been used. Used as slaves, used as scapegoats, used as medical experiments, used to blame financial problems on and now to tear the Labour party apart.

I've always supported Labour, always. I must admit I was Centrist with right leanings, however, that did not stop my love for the Labour Party, because they have always made me feel accepted, always made me feel included, they have spoken out about issues important to my heart.

When it came time to choose a leader in 2015, I just watched with boredom. None of them struck that note I was hoping for. I wanted fiery passion, they all seemed a bit wishy-washy, especially that Corbyn bloke.

Then someone showed me a video of Jeremy at a rally, not some auditorium packed full of other politicians, a rally of ordinary people, and that was my moment. He came alive away from the confines of Westminster. He interacted like no other politician I have seen, I saw it in his face, that “It” was that he actually really cared!

I have personally felt that Corbyn is too nice to be a politician, he's not exactly fiery enough to be a leader, he seemed far too uncomfortable in the role. No wonder, I suspect it's something he never thought would happen. He's growing into that role, though, I've seen the effort, I've seen the compromises he's made. Throughout it all one thing has stood clear, is that he still cares, and very deeply for us ordinary folks.

We get to the situation now. Yes, I was unsure when Jeremy got the mandate to lead the Party, I kept thinking the world would eat him alive, and by goodness haven't they tried.

The worst part of it all is that some of the worst attacks have come from MPs within the PLP!! Jamie Reed the first one, couldn't wait for the man to finish his speech. I saw people like Danczuk ripping into him at every opportunity. Then I noticed how it seemed to be what some people call the “Blairites” that were doing the damage. Eeeek! My lot!

The usual career politicians, like Wes Streeting, who whilst a decent guy, you can just see he would climb over anyone to get what he wants. I'm seeing it in him now, the way he ignored me and shrugged me off when I questioned how I believe us Jews are being used for political gain. Write to your own MP, said he. Bless him, Wes has his own agenda going on.

What to say about John Mann...? Hmmm. All I shall say is that it was very convenient to start the argument when the cameras happened to be there.

Instead of screaming anti-Semitism all the time, how about you listen? How about you look past the words to what they are really saying? 99% of the time it's not because they hate us Jews, it's because they hate what Israel is doing to Palestinians. If they call you a Hitler, it's not because they are an apologist, it's because it's a diluted word now, a bit like The Napoleon complex? Hey if someone calls you Hitler, you need to look at how bossy and unbending you are.

The way we use language has changed, instead of punishment to those who have misguidedly used words what you feel should insult us Jews, educate. Show them that we aren't Ultra Zionists intent of inflicting harm and suffering on the Palestinians. Show them that Zionism is perhaps not the wisest word to use. Calling someone a Zio (I prefer this to goy) is simply not nice.

Just leave me out of your divisive, damaging political point scoring. I choose to educate rather than rip apart. I know the real anti-Semites, we all do, it's not the ones who use terminology that might outrage you, but inherently is just semantics. The real anti-Semites either are blatant in their hatred or ever so subtle, but it punches you in the gut, and oh boy do you feel it.

So, stop using me to rip Labour apart, stop using me to wreck the elections on May 5th. Stop using me! Stop using the death of my relatives in the holocaust! Stop it! If you want to be helpful how about stopping those people who speak of my fellow humans in disgusting manners? You know, the likes of Katie Hopkins who calls people rodents and filth? The ones who call Muslims scum? If Hopkins had said that about me, a Jewish woman, she'd be in court by now. Stop Cameron calling people Terrorist Sympathisers. Stop Boris Johnson and his diet-racism.

Most of all don't you dare say you care about me when you ignore what is being done to Muslims every day. Don't you dare! STOP USING ME!