To someone who was never a true friend.

Subject: To someone who was never a true friend.
From: The One Who Got Away
Date: 20 May 2017


You forced me to choose. Why is that? After everything I did...I helped you find a place to live. I let you drive my car. I loaned you money for rent and bills you "just couldn't pay" that month (yet you were able to buy yourself a new smartphone.)

I found love. I found someone who thought I was beautiful inside and out...I found someone who completed me. Yes, you were my best friend...and you had your flings, and I didn't judge...and you would leave me all the time for your one night would ditch me to be with whats-his-face...Sergio? I think that was his name. Didn't he have a girlfriend while he was with you? I'm getting off topic here.

When my boyfriend proposed to me, I told you about it. I was so excited for you to be part of this new chapter in my life. Did you even congratulate me? NO. Did you talk about how happy you were that I found love? NO. You decided to be jealous. You decided to BAIL ON OUR LEASE one week before moving in...and then had the balls to demand your security deposit back. I told you no. I told you that you had to take it up with the apartment harassed me. You TRASH TALKED MY MOTHER. What kind of person DOES that?! After paying your $100 copay for the emergency room...letting you borrow my car COUNTLESS times (which you returned it with AN EMPTY TANK, by the way), and after my mother helped PAY for your fee for moving with us?! YOU TALK DOWN TO MY MOTHER!? You tell me my fiance is going to "regret marrying trash", and wish nothing but horrible things...

I look back on all the things you did to me...I look back on all those times you USED me...and I don't regret making my choice. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. At all. You know why? Because YOU...are a terrible human being...and a HORRIBLE friend.

You harassed me at work. You belittled me. I am disappointed in myself for letting you get to me the way you did. But after all this time...YOU are the one finally getting married, now...

I wonder if anyone wished the terrible things you wished me. I wonder if anyone trash talked YOUR mother, the one who pushed you aside for your cheerleader sister and jock brother. I wonder if anyone told you that YOUR fiance is going to regret being with you (especially after he finds out you have been cheating on him.) Has anyone said that? All I know is...people at your work...HATE working with you. Apparently, you have the same attitude with some of them that you had with me...if the attention wasn't on you, it was time to belittle you belittled me.

You are NOT a true friend. You are NOT a nice person.


Personally, I am glad I have your toxic personality out of my life...but after hearing you're getting married, all those painful memories came flooding in like a disgusting swamp.

I needed to get this out...for good.

I wish the same things to you that you wished me. I hope you know, that once I submit will finally be dead to me. You will be non-existent. You are nothing. You will always be nothing. You don't care about anyone but yourself (and whoever you're banging).

You had a great friend. I did everything for you, and maybe that was my mistake...but lost the one person who always was there for you...

I'm so glad that I never have to see you again.

You will never be missed.