To the so called woman, who gave birth to me and who calls herself a Mother!

Subject: To the so called woman, who gave birth to me and who calls herself a Mother!
From: The hated Daughter
Date: 7 Feb 2019

Dear (cough) Mother, or woman who gave birth to me,

I want to write this letter to tell you how much you have hurt me over the past. I will start with saying I hated being the youngest child, and the only Daughter, as I lived in the shadows of your perfect golden boys! I was constantly bullied by them, called a fat pig, and they assisted you when you put me on a diet at age seven.

I cannot remember a time when you held me close, or kissed me or encouraged me, you were always cold and uncaring. you never asked me about school or my aspirations, just got on with your life with your new husband and baby who subsequently became the golden daughter, who you molly cuddled. But the worst part was when you and my so called paedophile of a Father divorced, and I was sent to him at weekends. Or yes, woman, yes my real troubles started then didn't they.

I was sexually assaulted on three occasions wasn't I ? at the age of seven, nine and ten, remember the first time it happened? of course you do because I wrote it in my diary at school, yes you found out but they never rung the social - not common practice then I suppose but I wish that they would have done, would have saved me a great deal of pain.

What do you do??? keep sending me to a place of danger you stupid woman to my Dad's so you can have your freedom with selfish husband and perfect Daughter. And then the worst part is, you and your enabling golden children have set up a smear campaign against me the whole of my life. I have been isolated, ostracised, left out and talked about. you tried to break me time and time again by talking about me, hurting me and ridiculing me all of your friends were funny with me, I know why, it is because of you isn't it? I cant tell you how much you have hurt me. its impossible to write in words, I lost a family, you destroyed it. Of course you want me back, but I have gone, go and find another scapegoat, I am through.

but what is worst is the treatment I have received as a result of going back to University - you hate it and took my graduation photo down, of course you left my Sister's up! who does that? and even on the day, you looked miserable as sin when I walked across that stage, but I had my Husband with me, so why did you insist that you come you twisted bitch?

I am now Teaching English, but you hate it don't you? because now you cant blame me for your failure as a parent, it was never about me was it? Only you. AndI am happily married, you cannot stand that either, and I have three beautiful children.

One more thing, you thought you broke me, you only made me stronger, and nothing fazes me! I can teach, and I do it well, I just get up. No one can insult me, because when your family has done it, for simply existing, its like nothing can hurt you after that. Thank you for my tough skin, its made me a better person and it all makes sense now.

sorry for disappointing you so much!


The hated Daughter!