Silence of UN, "leads to die the innocents in Afghanistan"

Subject: Silence of UN, "leads to die the innocents in Afghanistan"
From: Chandra Shekhar Swain
Date: 17 Aug 2021

The Secretary-General António Guterres
United Nations
UN Headquarters, S-3800
New York, NY 10017
Aug 17, 2021

Dear Sir,

"I am feeling unwell".

Like it doesn't bother any members in the United Nations what is happening in Afghanistan. The entire world is keeping silent and only witnessing how the people are begging for their lives when they are brutally punished by the Taliban. It's completely unacceptable how the entire world has abandoned Afghanistan. Then what does the United Nations do, if a horrible situation to the human being occurs and the UN Organization is only witnessing such things? Is it not our responsibility to stand in front of the innocent when they are going to kill them? Is it not our responsibility to stand beside when someone is suffering to get justice or facing any kind of physical or mentally exploitation? As the people are very scary in Afghanistan, why is the UN not playing the role of mediator in the Afghanistan issue?

Why has it not been taken against Taliban till now?
Why are those innocent people left to be killed by them?
Why as of now the UN has not been sent their Army to stop the violence in Afghanistan?
Why has the entire world knelt down in front of Talibans?

Only tag line of maintaining "Peace, Dignity and Equality" does not stop the violence or brutality happening in the world, UN needs to work hard to justify the tag line which is mentioned in the United Nations philosophy.

As a human being, I will advise the UN to play the role of peacemaker. "Because not a single INNOCENT should be punished."

Your prompt action could save many more lives.

Thanks & Regards,

Chandra Shekhar Swain