short open letter to the Church of England regarding duplicity and refugees

Subject: short open letter to the Church of England regarding duplicity and refugees
From: JJ
Date: 17 Oct 2015

Dear Church of England,

I see you are trying to get yourselves some limelight of the migrants and refugees again.

Would that be anything to do with your recent scandal regarding Peter Ball in the press?

Oh, of course not, yes it is.

You haven't delivered a 'stinging attack' on David Cameron, he and the government including your own, Eric Pickles and Theresa May consistently and persistently protect your corruption and wrongdoing.

Jesus made it extremely clear that he considered the Pharisees' attitude of loving to be seen doing good deeds as wrong before God.
'They will get their reward here on earth' was his attitude.
And it will be the same with your empty, vainglorious noise about refugees to try and give the Church's reputation a boost after a little bit of your endemic corruption was accidentally exposed through the Peter Ball case.

Why not try putting your own houses in order before continuing your PR stunts? You publicly and illegally destroyed abuse victim HG and have left her suffering after you publicly condoned her abusers and the corrupt hierachy in your church who destroyed her.
So, from your palaces and with your wealth, what does your understanding of refugees come to apart from making yourselves feel good and getting some acclaim from the press and from less informed members of the public?

Every time you show off after some of your corruption is exposed, it is a kick in the teeth for your victims.
You recently promised an independent inquiry into the corruption surrounding Peter Ball, but seeing as Paul Butler was in office and did nothing about Ball, and seeing as you have previously emptily offered the Chichester and Kendall House victims an independent inquiry, and never provided it, please could you expend less energy showing off and more on dealing with the corruption and lawlessness of your own church?

Do you recall publicly destroying HG in what you claimed was an independent inquiry? Carried out only by hand picked conflicted and church members? And where is HG now? Has she had any justice or been recompensed for the damage?

Please stop insulting people's intelligence by your showing of on the back of yet another engineered crisis, it is disgusting, and Jesus Himself would be horrified, is horrified.

Your duplicity and attention-seeking stunts seem to know no bounds, but the one thing you won't address is why a club of wealthy old men and women, which is all the CofE is, can spend so much energy on showing off at the expense of the vulnerable while claiming to be Christians, and yet not do the one thing that Jesus asked of you - sell your homes and your wealth, and give it to the poor who you are using for your PR stunts.

Fake play acting with your protector, David Cameron is nothing to do with God or helping anyone, so please be quiet.
I guess the Archbishop has lost that Bible I sent him earlier this year after enduring another bout of his showing off, I had better send him another one, he obviously didn't have time to read it.

I would like to know why the church consistently interfere in matters that don't concern them, after all, these refugees aren't going to be invited to your palaces except as slaves, are they? And typically the church distantly send money to people they will never meet or know, and use such people for their own acclaim and ego, but when have you ever delivered a fake PR stunt attack on your protector David Cameron regarding the abuse victims who have suffered years of abuse in your own institutions and others, and who you continue to further fail with false promises of independent inquiries while shredding the documents for example of confessions etc?

As was recently stated, the church can't police themselves. And it is ludicrous that after your press stunts that include Paul Butler 'paying tribute' to a suicide victim who's blood is on Paul Butler's hands and the hands of all Bishops present when Peter Ball was allowed to go on officiating after being cautioned, you want to show off and demand attention over refugees! Pathetic.