To Saint Mary, what is to be a woman

Subject: To Saint Mary, what is to be a woman
From: Victor Porton
Date: 24 Aug 2019

I had a weird story in my life: I found some porn in the Gospel. I wondered what it is but had a definite reaction: It means that the spirit of Saint Mary came to Maria Putina and I must have sex with her, such is the God's will.

Because I didn't know how to find Maria Putina, I was inclined to have onanism thinking about her and believing and feeling she does the same for me.

It was accompanied by great wonders, such as different UFOs including clouds in the form of a woman's underwear, clouds in teh form of a man with a penis (very similar), TV and radio speaking to me from the face of Saint Mary about different topics including sex. There was spiral rotating snow at plus 14 degrees Celsius at summer after my spiritual battle with a cloud, etc.

I tended to think that these silly things are God's parody for silliness of Russian Orthodoxes (I was a Protestant), especially on their concept of "love". It wondered me however, whether Mary could really have pleasure from my masturbation. She was a woman, but it was 2000 years ago. How could she like my masturbation?

I also considered this: Almost every time I tried to speak with people (so-called Russian Orthodoxes and others like atheists), they requested me either to have sex or to marry what is the same. Due to my undesire to marry a stupid wicked woman like them, they considered me a "subhuman" for not having sex like them, animals who are interested only in sex and nothing other.

This was one of the reasons for my hunger. A subhuman in the eyes of the surrounding cannot obtain food.

I expect that Saint Mary (accordingly the chapter 12 of the Apocalypse her spirit is to return to the Earth in a human body) would have the same problem: For not having sex with everyone wanting her she may be considered a "subwoman" and her body may suffer troubles like hunger.

So, it would be reasonable to somehow show ourselves to be sexual, as considering sex as something important. If we are to be connected with each other with sex, sex becomes somehow important for us and thus we would escape this stigma of "underhuman" for such things as not desiring to marry with a regular partner, not a saint and math genius like us.

We were unable to just imitate mentally weak, silly creatures like surrounding idiots because we were afraid to violate the Gospel by somehow rejecting the words of Christ by saying a lie. We were unable to reject that we are saints and geniuses to be liked by idiots because people want others to be like them.

Also we considered that the Gospel calls Christ a man and the salvation is to people not to angels accordingly the Gospel. Thus we tried to become like others to be integrated into their society. We tried to make themselves like sex and other silly things more than they are worth. We tried to like money for ourselves not only to help others, because non-greedy people are not respected, etc.

We tried to be people. (There was a seraph otherwise called a spirit of fire in my brain, so I was like an alien on the Earth.)

Now I have understood that the age of the Gospel is ended. The Gospel means "good news" or rather "correct news". Every correct news is a truth. If we no more follow the Gospel as a law, we can say a lie when we need. Now if I meet fascists and they asked me whether I am a Jew, I could lie. Now we can pretend that we are stupid, immoral, silly, mad about sex and hating mathematics, philosophy, and religion people when we need to be liked by others.

So no more need to try to be weak. We can keep ourselves on important things and stop to try to be mad about sex, we can just pretend to be mad people like all other non-geniuses.

This means to be people instead of eu-angels, to stop to pretend that we can say always to say the truth (following the Gospel).

We are free from the Gospel now, the new age has started.

P.S. Maria Putina, tell what has happened on your side.