Rocks of Fortitude

Subject: Rocks of Fortitude
From: Elijah Magaña
Date: 1 Dec 2017

Two rocks of fortitude in my life. The first is a soul of infinite LOVE whose light transcends the darkest depths of the universe, enlightening others with her infectious symphony of joy. In her youth she cared for a pair of tiny souls that she carried in her womb for nine months before introducing them to this new world. A beautiful woman with long, silky-smooth, black hair that reached past her waistline. A smile from ear to ear that would resemble a glowing, crescent shaped moon if it were placed among the stars at night. A piercing gaze she possesses, hazel eyes that lock their sight upon you, always probing. Skilled hands that can conjure-up sparkling magic in the eyes of her tiny souls. Tireless, unceasing passion, and energy; a pillar of strength she is. But time is indiscriminate, slowly grinding down mountains into heaps of rubble. The armor of this woman, time has eroded. Her long, silky-smooth, black hair has turned to silver. Years of hard labor are worn like a suit of ragged clothing. Hands nagged with arthritis can no longer function as in the days of her youth. Bitter marriage that strained her mind and burdened her delicate shoulders with grief for so many years. Demons whispering in her ear to slip into the darkness of eternal slumber. “Not I!” she shouts, “for I am a warrior!”, slashing back with her claws at the face of the enemy. She is steadfast against the relentless tides of evil, crashing, splintering, dissipating upon her war-torn armor for she is a fortress.
The second soul exudes an aura of a battle tested gladiator. Hardened by life's trials and tribulations. Once a young soul, prematurely thrown into the test of life's fire; cruel, cold, merciless world. Defenseless and betrayed by the father. A child's shield, a child's comfort, a child's teacher, a child's role model; where are you? An empty shell void of compassion for the souls whose same blood courses through their veins. “Why has fate dealt me such a cruel hand?” cries the young soul! Counter back with a blow. I will have the last laugh! Life's cruelty has backfired on the cold hand of fate. Destinies plan to destroy an innocent soul unraveled. The paradigm of old consumed by its own iniquity, manifesting a pristine being at trial’s end. From these ashes emerged a protector, a shield, a teacher, a role model; fate cursing, thrashing its head in a bloody fury! For wickedness does not course through this soul’s veins nor does resentment find a home in his heart. Wisdom has imparted the understanding of forgiveness, and with this wisdom he cuts the poison of bitterness away and stomps on its head like a raging bull. His strong heart beats in harmony with the thundering drums of victory!
Two rocks tested through the cruelest flames of life. Two precious gemstones emerged in the end, strengthened by Grace and healed through forgiveness. Exemplary, refined, my precious gemstones, my beacons of LOVE.