The Rise of Ontario tRump

Subject: The Rise of Ontario tRump
From: Stanley
Date: 21 Apr 2018

Ontario is now facing a crisis. Most Ontario residents seem to agree that it is time for Wynne to go (at least according to polls). The usual alternative is the Conservative leader, but Conservatives decided to go with Ontario tRump so that option is now as bad if not worst.
With the support of phony Christians and dimwitted racist bigots, Ontario tRump is well on his way to winning a majority government and dragging Ontario back into the 1950's. Ontario tRump, like the Orange Turd himself, does not seem to understand that most of the "job losses" in North America are due to automation ... and there is a second, larger, wave looming. While nobody has a solution to offer, ignoring it does not make it go away. The loss of jobs due to automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) should be a benefit to society. If we need fewer work hours to keep society functioning, everyone can benefit. It does, however, mean that we do not know what the workforce of the future will look like. Sure, we won't need any more coal miners but society will evolve and young people will create new demands and new opportunities. We can speculate but even the best minds are going to get some things wrong because we really have no idea what the future society has in store. tRump and his supporters fear change and want to go back to the "good old days". The idealized old days these people long for never really existed. Society is going to continue to march forward. tRump may cause unnecessary strife but, in the end, the Luddites will be replaced with younger and more sane representatives.
I’d rather have a leader who spends too much money on foolish ideas than a foolish leader who spends money trying to fight progress!
Because there is no rational argument for supporting (Ontario) tRump, some “Christian” leaders tell the simple minded of their congregation that when a politician says he will make abortions illegal they must ignore his many faults and support him. That creates an environment where the most corrupt and vile politicians will capitalize on this and claim to oppose abortions (for others – their relatives and concubines will, of course, continue to have easy access). These "Christians" are so focused on "pro-life" that they would vote for Satan himself if he promised to strip woman of their rights. The reason no decent politicians take up that battle is that the legal situation is complex. Most countries recognize citizenship at birth. Giving legal status to the fetus before birth could have unexpected consequences. At what point in her pregnancy can a woman visiting Canada (for example) claim the fetus is Canadian? There are hundreds of years of jurisprudence based on the assumption that citizenship and lineage are determined at birth. That is not something that will change overnight.