Revolution 2017 USA

Subject: Revolution 2017 USA
From: Eugene J. Sabic
Date: 10 May 2017

Preamble to the Declaration of the Abolition of the Fascist State

It is times like these that try men's souls. In this year of 2017 it has become abundantly self evident that the administration of government in these United States has become dysfunctional at best, and even destructive of human progress towards a more perfect union.

The corrosive power of money has weakened the foundations of this country into the core of it's existence and will eventually turn into outright tyranny of the people by a tiny segment of the population overall. The laws of nature cannot be violated indefinitely, in that, when regression to the mean is artificially prevented by hereditary accumulation and preservation of wealth and power are retarded in a system, that system may rupture suddenly with catastrophic and possibly deadly consequences.

When institutions and corporations act against the interests of the people, the people have the right and obligation to revoke their public charters. No corporation, individual or institution can be allowed to act against the public good. No corporation, individual or institution can be allowed to manipulate the laws as to allow actions that would harm the public or impoverish it's citizenry.

Every human being on this planet has goals and aspirations to achieve in their lifetimes, and when those goals and aspirations are denied by others, people become frustrated to the point of resorting to crime and violence to achieve their life's objectives. The regime we currently live under denies ever increasing segments of the population their goals and aspirations for the benefit of a miniscule segment of the society overall. This tiny segment of the population wishes to remain in a position of privilege and power indefinitely, as Masters of the Universe and all that they survey. This tiny segment of the population will resort to drastic measures to maintain their position of power, possibly even using the immense power of the state, and this must be prevented by any means deemed necessary. The American people, like all people on this planet, are basically fair and just, yet increasingly, are being forced to be unfair and unjust by the all corrupting power of money and this must change, otherwise, chaos and lawlessness will ensue. The human potential can never be actualized as long as this current regime of money, and the power it begets remains in place

The constitution of the United States was written by some of the most enlightened thinking of it's time, that being said, it also contained a number of errors, of which, some still have not been remedied. The constitution states that “all men are created equal” however, most of the founding fathers were slave owners, women were not allowed to vote, and only property owners had any say in the affairs of the state. One of the legacies of the constitution's errors was the catastrophic war between the states to revoke the institution of slavery. Another of the constitution's errors, is that,
although the British were defeated and vanquished from North America, the new ruling class proceeded to take over right where the British left off, by establishing a new, American privileged elite, only white men of considerable means were ever allowed to control the destiny of this country.
Although the institution of slavery was ended by the Civil War, black people were not afforded equal protections under the law for one hundred more years, and a culture of hatred and bigotry still
exists to this day. If “all men are created equal” then that means “all men” and not just a select group.

America's infrastructure is degrading to the point that it is becoming dangerous and possibly deadly. Dams, bridges, and underground utilities that we all depend on are allowed to remain in service until a catastrophic event occurs, and then we wring our hands and say “nobody saw that coming!”, since no money is to be made by addressing these problems, they are ignored. America always has more money for wars, for corporate welfare, for more police, more surveillance equipment, more prisons, and more tools for the oppression of our fellow human beings. America never has any money for the general welfare of it's citizens, nor the crucial infrastructure which has allowed America to become the greatest power the world has ever seen.

America has degenerated into a giant cesspool where billionaires, special interest groups and multinational corporations make the rules that we must abide by. A government “by the people” and “for the people” has indeed perished, and could now be called a plutocracy, or a feudal society. As America had rebelled against the brutal tyranny of the British, America should also rebel against the current regime. The government is no longer representative of the people, but is now representative of a tiny band of aristocratic oligarchs and their sycophantic, power hungry lapdogs. Every vote you cast is a sign of consent for indentured servitude to a master class who “own” you, who will pass on their ownership to their children, to their grandchildren into perpetuity, until the people reject the establishment. The people should rightfully claim taxation without representation as the people no longer have any say whatsoever in the levers of the powers of the state. America is now ruled by a series of complexes to include: the banking industrial complex, the military industrial complex, the energy industrial complex, the insurance industrial complex, the hospital industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, the legal industrial complex and on, and on. Each of these complexes are in-turn owned by the aforementioned aristocratic oligarchs, also known as “the ownership class”. Everything in America in particular, and the world as a whole has become a commodity, food, water, and human beings. Every rational human being inherently knows something is horribly wrong with the world, but most do not know what it is. The problem is quite simply called money, the slime that people will kill for, that corrupts everything it touches. It is time to end the tyranny of money and the power of those who hoard it. No endeavor ever happens unless the profit motive is involved, and that must change!

The systematic impoverishment of the vast majority of the people of this world can not go on unchallenged indefinitely. Democracy is nothing more than an illusion, propped up by the vast privately owned media propaganda machines, sustained by pillaging the world's resources, protected by vast armies of militarized police, private and government police and the military. It is only a matter of time before a tiny spark ignites the powder keg of discontent. Humanity has a choice as to which direction we go. The first choice is to remain on our current trajectory, which leads to enslavement for the masses, unprecedented luxury for the global elite, and eventually a bloody global revolution. The second choice is the advancement of the human race, to take the next step in the evolutionary process, to reject the current regime of the global elite's money and the power it creates, and transform to a meritorious and altruistic society in an orderly and peaceful manner. The private ownership of capital has created a global caste system where no one is equal, there are divisions within divisions of inequality built into a rotten hierarchy who's only objective is to turn everything into a product, be it essential for life, or a worthless bauble, or a human being. The whole rotten edifice is a sham. In this current world, even death itself is another commodity, often burying those trying to pay funeral costs.
Since the unions where effectively destroyed in the 1980's there is no effective force to oppose the

“owners” of this world.

So, who controls the United States government, you may ask? The United States actually has 2 governments. The visible government, or provisional government is the one you are permitted to vote for every 4 or 6 years, this government has very little power, but is the public face of the establishment. Although you may think that you have some say in whom our elected leaders are, you do not. Our elected leaders are basically a Hob-son’s choice, pre-selected for you by the permanent government. The permanent government of the United States is un-elected, it can not be removed from office, it is extremely right-wing, reactionary, authoritarian, deranged, despotic, and completely psychopathic. The “markets” determine the leadership of the lower rungs of the permanent government, and heredity determines the “inner circle” of government, complete with all of the trappings of royalty. Presidents, Congressmen, Senators, Members of Parliament all know who butters the bread. Parts of the permanent government are visible periodically when they meet in 5 star locations around the globe to determine not only United States policy, but the policy of the entire world, they go by the moniker of “The Bilderberg Group”. The orders from the Bilderberg Group go to numerous governmental and non-governmental entities for filtration and implementation. The key entities in the United States are: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the CIA, the NSA, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Department of Homeland Security, the Business Roundtable and many more. Note that none of the aforementioned organization heads are elected, nor is there any accountability, in that, every time one or more of these organizations fails, (9/11) no one is fired, just another clone is created (HSA). Not one of these organizations is there for the protection of working people, but their primary mission is to protect the establishment from the working people, they are, in effect, the praetorian guard.

The disparity in incomes “earned” by the top 1% in general, and the top 0.01% in particular is nauseating, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Income is only one measurement of overall wealth, and only points to the way that obnoxious amounts of money are obtained. Most wealth that is used to control the world is hereditary wealth. Why should heredity determine who succeeds and who fails in this world? Many people in this world aspire to be like the 1%, to become what reasonable people detest so much. Wealth should become onerous and detestable for all of earth's inhabitants to have a fair chance of success. The lost potential of each generation not afforded an education is retarding humanity's development for the sole purpose of allowing a miniscule segment of society to live in luxury. We, as a species, should never be allowed to leave planet earth until we have learned how to care for our fellow human beings.

As horrific as gun violence is in America today, if the elite were to disarm the population, they would indeed proceed to inflict far greater violence on the population and institute a complete and completely deranged police state upon us all. “We the People” shall not relinquish the right to bear arms. “We the People” realize that the current regime of privilege and power may not relinquish that position and that an unarmed population would be incapable of protecting itself from deranged individuals of the power elite from using the immense power of the state for horrific abuses of power.

To those Americans who are stockpiling food, water, guns and ammunition for selfish reasons, you should ask yourselves “How many of my neighbors, friends, and colleges am I going to have to kill. So what? So that you can live in a “Mad Max” dystopia, where survival of the fittest is your only objective? Do you really want to live like a cave man? Are you going to kill your own mother or daughter for a can of beans? You people really do aspire to be in the 1%, standing atop of a pile of rotting corpses, clutching an AK-47 with a can of baked beans, well bon apetit fool. So what do the people want, to have control of their own destiny by helping each other, or a selfish, egotistical dystopia, where the individual is king?

The people can not wait for the “Invisible hand” to distribute wealth for the benefit of all because it never will. As a Tsunami of discontent sweeps across the globe and the United States in particular, the people will demand change. The only possible change that can give every human being a chance for a decent life starts with a 100% inheritance tax. Every human being should be able to succeed or fail based on their own intelligence and abilities, not what their parents did. The world will be radically changed for the better once the rotten empires of money, power and greed are ended.