A Response to the Apple Open Letter and FBI

Subject: A Response to the Apple Open Letter and FBI
Date: 17 Feb 2016

Dear Master of ‘A Master Key,’

‘I don’t have sympathy for terrorists,’ either.

I don’t have sympathy for those who wish to instil fear and unlawful intimidation in pursuit of a justified aim.

I don’t have sympathy.

I don’t have sympathy for those who have destroyed another’s right to live a peaceful life.

Too many have already lost.

But to you, great master of a master key,

I don’t have sympathy for you the most.

To protect and secure is one matter, but such power must come with its own restraint.

How far different are you than the attacker?

Taking what is already not yours, and striking until you reach your own.

And in the moments when you are offered information at the expense of my own,

you’re welcome.

And still, it’s not enough.

The world is more connected—our technologies show us this.

And you say you want a master key,

oh great master,

you have so much to learn.

The experts reveal the danger, and yet you choose to take the risk.

A one-time use you say, but we’ve heard it all before.

I don’t have sympathy for terrorists.

And I sure won’t sympathize with ones that come from this.

You might be over there,

and I, just over here.

But your decision affects me too; a networked world we are.

I have a right for reason—did you not once believe the same?

But to you great master, who wants a key,

you already have one.

And it does not lie within the apple.