Subject: Republicans
From: a never Trump supporter
Date: 24 Oct 2019

You republicans are a bunch of fools for supporting Donald Trump . Donald Trump has insulted each of you republicans in the house&senate for not supporting him enough and yet Trump doesn't support you republicans insulting all of you on twitter. You reubllicans is annoying the testimony from the whistleblowers is Donald Trump was wrong for asking for help from foreign leader to investigate his rival opponents not to mention witholding money from allies just to get dirt on democrats rivals!. Donald Trump is all about Trump to keep his power in the presidency office and you republicans are willing to lie &defend his actions annoy the facts just to keep your seats in the house &senate knowing that Donald Trump will never support you guys like you're lying &covering up annoying the facts for Trump! If you have any honor you need to stand up to Trump & your duties as lawmakers do your jobs &hold Donald Trump countable for his alleged actions .