A Reminder To The Human Race

Subject: A Reminder To The Human Race
From: Kalnius Jakstas
Date: 24 Oct 2019

Dear The Forgotten People.

The world is constantly changing and coming up with new things. In our new society greater solutions have been used to help those with less and nowhere to call home, but it hasn't solved anything. At least not yet.
15% of the overall population is struggling with some form of physical disability. Although the number is small, we cannot ignore it. Society needs to help itself by the people in our world helping each other. While we make ourselves busy with money and business and politics we ignore what truly makes us human, which is the fact that we as a race are pack animals. We survive by sticking together and fighting against things that seperate us…
I write this letter to every part of society that has been ignored or forgotten by the majority while we are so focused on who is in power and what they might do, not what they will do. We need to progress past the constant state of arguing and debating and simply getting nowhere.
We need to show not only letters and numbers, such as laws bills and checks, toward others but true and real human compassion and give people options. Those with less can be aided, the world's problems can be resolved or dealt with, and those that are physically unable to do as much as others can have others to help them. I apologize for how the rest of society is allowing problems to progress and gain mass while they take steps in what they think is the right direction.
According to “Mental Health By The Numbers” From the National Alliance Of Mental Illness, 46.4 percent of adults will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime in the U.S alone. That's almost half. And only 43.3 percent of those people received treatment by 2018.
And the problems being ignored by society don't stop there, according to an article from CBS news, “The number of mass shootings across the U.S. thus far in 2019 has outpaced the number of days this year”...
In order for true progression of humanity to be reached we must solve what currently taxes anyone in the world, not just one country. One thing most forget is that an issue is not truly gone until nobody in the entire world suffers from it.
Problems need to be actively acknowledged. Wake up.