Regarding the death penalty

Subject: Regarding the death penalty
Date: 14 Dec 2022

To whomever, it may concern

It is well known that the death penalty is abolished within 23 states and 27 states have the punishment still in place. It is necessary to know this because all the states should have the death penalty as an option. I'm not saying that the punishment is ideal for every case but several ones.
Now, why does this matter? Most prosecutors haven't been sentenced property to the crime committed. The public has seen this time over time with homicide, rape, and kidnapping cases. Your life can be in danger without you knowing for only giving the procurer five years of jail time.
I believe that the death penalty should be available within every state only for the most server cases. What exactly could be a server case, a case where the victim is physically and mentally affected severely. Juvenal cases should also have the punishment for cases like James Bulger.
Some may argue that violence doesn't things better. We should have people feel safe when going out. Of course, there is going to be violence out there but minimizing the about of victims.
At the moment, there isn't much to be that could be done to convince people to bring the punishment back. The only thing would be to write to congress and the president. Make a petition to reach a greater audience.