Re: Open Letter to My Fellow Filipino

Subject: Re: Open Letter to My Fellow Filipino
From: Teal
Date: 19 Dec 2016

I'm a proud Filipino by blood and by heart. Nevertheless, I'm not the most patriotic person alive to brag about my comment on your insights about the administration. It is not my intention to prove you wrong nor prove myself a well-inclined politics person, if that's how you'd call it.

You asked why we make things complicated despite the fact that the main key to peace would be righteous reasons and silence. Technically, in the world we live in, there will only be black and white. The fine line in between would never be gray. It is a clear distinction of differences. I know that the intention of your letter was to spread awareness that Filipinos should unite to be able to make our country a much better place to live in. That we shouldn't just base our opinions on what the media says or what our ancestors told us. It is a letter hoping for a positive feedback since you wanted them to realize that IT IS TIME to move on and let ourselves be open to changes, forgiveness, and understanding.

Hence, you pointed out the Marcos burial and the people's diversed complaints and comments. I might say, history doesn't change itself for the settlement of the present's condition. You might say that the stories shared by our ancestors may be pure falsity or what the media published were all fictional or stitched up to make a bigger and more interesting story. The only word I would like to emphasize on this one is DEATH. Admit it or not, we judge someone by his acts while he was still existing here on Earth. It's part of our culture to give importance to life, freedom, and peace. "A dead person shall be left in peace." But those who were silenced to death without undergoing the due process of law seemed to miss the most essential factor of our life, which is LIVING. Where is the humane and just treatment, as what most con-Marcos would say? A true hero wouldn't harm those who are against him and his orders, for his own sake. He would do actions if it is a fight against his people and his people. Redundant? Come to think of it, a leader must be the role model of his followers. He would put himself at the bottom to be able to serve for his people and let them live in peace and harmony. He wouldn't suck up to anyone who could be way more above him. Not all rules should benefit everyone, that's why we tend to create our own issues and arguments to deal with. Yes, he did tons of projects for the betterment of the economy, to begin with. But don't you think that IT IS the job of a president who collects the tax given by the people under his power? I'd give him credits for that. But if it is peace that he wants, he should've listened to his people. He wasn't even elected by THE people. That's why he declared dictatorship for the fear of being impeached by the power of democracy, which we never had when he was seated on that throne. Please, give me a good reason to disregard the inhumane laws and decisions he proclaimed. Even Christ, the Lord, offered Himself for the forgiveness of the sins of His children. So why would a person steal the lives of the people voicing out for their freedom and nation's sake? People are triggered to fight violently once their leader insists to give them the cold shoulder and a blind eye. THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN OBVIOUS DIVISION BETWEEN THE POOR AND THE RICH, for Pete's sake. If only our national heroes were to be alive again, do you think they would regret or change their minds to fight for the nation's freedom? To be invaded by our own race, and by a full blooded Filipino? I'm not a pro-Aquino, if I may add. The presidential candidate I voted wasn't even acknowledged quite much during the election period. But as a concerned Filipino myself, I give value to our history and the sacrifices of our ancestors for our nation. It is what makes our nation as it is right this moment.

I hope you consider this as an answer to your question.

A FREE WILL TO DO THE RIGHTEOUS THINGS IN LIFE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT ON EARTH. Why would a true hero disregard the lives of those who fought for what is just and humane?