Subject: Racism
Date: 6 Mar 2019

Racism is a important topic, racism was what people lived and live by. Racism affects people’s lives both physically and emotionally.
The Help by Kathryn Stockett is a novel that’s audience is the general public. Skeeter wanted to write this book to show people how the black maids were treated, and black people in general. Skeeter grew up with a maid who she loved and cared about, and she learned a lot from her. Skeeter wanted everyone to realize that black people were not bad people and they like everyone else is just trying to support themselves and their families. This book was after Rosa Parks made her movement and black people could sit where ever they wanted on the bus and they didn’t have to give there seat up to a white person.
Racism is a problem and people should be treated equal no matter what their race is, where they came from, how their voice sounds, or the color of there skin. A 2015 survey found that 25 percent of African Americans and 10 percent of Hispanics reported experiencing online harassment because of their race or ethnicity. “Pew Research.” This means that a lot of different races experience racism because of their skin color. In 2018 Vietnamese American actress Kelly Marie Tran, the first woman of color to have a lead role in a Star Wars film, announced she would no longer use her social media accounts because of the racist comments she had received. “university of Minnesota and the university of New York.” Even famous actors and actresses experience racism even though they are important in a movie, it shows that colored people’s classes don’t matter at times. 57.5 percent of the single-bias 6,063 hate crime incidents committed in 2016 were motivated by race. The FBI concluded that more than half of the 4,426 victims of these racially motivated incidents were African American (50.2 percent), followed by whites (20.5 percent) and Latinos (10.9 percent). “The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).” This means that some racist cases have gotten so bad that the FBI actually got involved and did some research and went and asked different races if they had experience anyone being racist towards them.
Not everyone in the world is affected by racism. According to nbcnews.com only 64% of American’s say that racism is a problem, that means 36% of American’s say that racism is not a problem. In the united states there are black people that are shot by white cops, and that caused protest, but that don’t happen every day that we know of. We don’t hear about Black people being shot by a white cop every day because it does not always happen. Schools are no longer segregated between white and black people, people are not banned from places because of there skin color. People will always have a opinion on something because they are allowed to, but racism is not a big problem like it was back in the 1900’s.
In conclusion, Racism is a problem and people need to be treated equally. The way you treat someone should not be based on the color of their skin or based on actions that other people with the same skin color has made. The color of someone’s skin does not define the type of person that someone is. Many people are affected by racism and many people have also taken a stand to it like Rosa Parks. The Help is a good book that showed racism and what black women went through. But what if everything was different? What if racism was never ended, what would our world look like today?