Subject: Racism
From: Keaton Smith
Date: 6 Mar 2019

By Keaton Smith

Times were a lot different than they were 200 years ago. We now have more technology, as in cellphones, car, airplanes, but what about the culture? How are things different there? Well, as of the law today everyone is equal, and everyone has an equal opportunity and chance. That hasn’t always been like that, and. Unfortunately, people of the white ethnicity would have people of the black ethnicity as slaves. There were segregated places everywhere and they would get bad treatment from everyone. Now that was only around 50 years ago which is mind boggling when you really think about it.

How I stand on racism is pretty simple, I believe that it is very wrong and also that racism is probably never going to leave this planet because of the way people are raised. I believe we need to start having a curriculum that has a little bit of black history mixed in so maybe this way racism doesn’t spread, because it only spreads when it is taught. This way I believe kids would just have more respect when this is taught especially at a young age. Because since kids are so impressionable, it would have them most likely scared and more respectful of what African Americans went through in the 1900’s.

People might say kids are too young to learn about slavery or that it doesn’t exist anymore. In places in America it exists just not legally in some cases African Americans can get different treatment than white people would. Like as of recently police brutality which in some cases is actually true.

As of 1860 there were 4.4 million black people in America and 3.9 million were slaves. Also, a lot of people don’t know what people went through that has nothing to do with slavery, like the story of Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, and so on. Obviously, racism isn’t as bad as it was, in the 60’s but because of things like the south spreading racism and black lives matter movement I feel as if unfortunately, not everyone will ever get along. It is always going to be people with the same political views hanging out together and getting and that will never change.

Now, since I believe things like racism are never going to leave unless we start teaching kids at a young age. This makes me think about things that we do in front of little kids and that overall, we just need to be a little more careful as a society so in the future people will hopefully respect people a little more.