Subject: Racism
Date: 21 Mar 2017

Dear Mr.Saba,

Well today am going to be explain how teachers can be do racism in class well they don’t even realize they are for examples when a Teacher take your phone away for no reasons and then they use smart talk to not give it back until you get out of there class.I think that a white students get treated better than any other other skin color and they have proved it that in the future a white person will make more money than a hispanic.Many of the teachers might say they want equality in school but they don’t even show that they canter argue what they say in school personally I had a teacher in the 7th grade that I went up to and asked for help and she told me that i had to pay attention when she was teaching because fof here i was talking but in reality I was one of the most students that really started paying attention and not talk in school.So I just searched it up in the internet and got how to do my work a day later I was packing my stuff and a kid that always miss around in school went up to her and asked her for help and she without even asking why he didn’t get it helped him and that comes to show that teachers are more likely to help there kind of people other than other skin color because they think that they won’t succeed even though they might not say like it.I think that the principal and vice principle should check on the class to see how it's going and if any type of racism because that’s one of the factors why teacher might be racist because they know the final grade they put won't be question.