Subject: Questions
Date: 21 Jun 2017
Where Does Your Love Stop?

Where does your love start? The easiest answers most likely will include family, friends, and relatives. Many may go as far as to say they love their possessions such as cars, houses, money, sports figures, and countless other materials. The issue is many would be able to make a longer list of the things they hate as opposed to the things they love. Even if they were to give up such possessions to be left with only love for family, friends, and relatives, the list of things they hate would far supersede the other. So I ask a question much like the one from the beginning but with one critical change, where does your love stop? Does it stop for people who are different from you? Does it stop for people from different cultures? Does it stop for anyone who has ever done something hurtful to you? Does it stop for people who root against your sports team? Does it stop when you are stuck in traffic? Does it stop when you wake up in the morning? What would happen if your love did not stop? If you felt the love you feel for your closest family member, spouse, friend, or child for everyone around you even in a room full of strangers. People would say a love like that is impossible, not realistic, or even a more tragic answer, love like that it weak. Love has become so distorted that it’s only meant to be given to some people and the rest are not worthy. If the people you show love to are worthy, everyone is worthy, especially you. You’ve been taught your entire life to separate yourself from others and others from you based on identity, labels, wealth, race, and many more. But maybe, just maybe the close mindedness of the world is the reason it’s in the condition it is. Can you look at someone else without a judgement or labels? What about yourself? Why is it that at the first sign of someone being different than you there must be something wrong with them, or people hurry to make fun of them? You must stay away from them, you must not befriend them because they are not like you and everyone else and that is weird. Why? What if when you looked at every person on earth you saw yourself in them? What if you could connect with them and feel what they feel? How far could this empathy take you? How would it change you if you were a part of everyone else and they were a part of you? To have a fully opened mind transcending further than can be comprehended. To let go, let go of the past and the future, let go of mistakes you’ve made and realizing they’ve positioned you for greatness. This will allow you to take this greatness and envelop the world with this love, it is not selective or elusive, it is deep within us all. Will you forgive the ones you’ve swore you wouldn’t? Not as charity but with love in order to not only heal them but to heal yourself. Grudges are the destroyer of the one who will not forgive and not the other way around. Can you allow yourself to restart everything you’ve ever learned and look at each day as the first day of a new creation called You? Can you drop the notion of love being weak only to be saved by it and realize infinite strength and power lies within love? Will you choose to love and then act no matter what you are doing? Will you choose to save the world by saving yourself? You are a vital factor and an imperative piece to save the world with your love. What will you choose? I must leave that answer and all the others up to you, but whichever you choose, I love you for it.