A prayer regarding Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Subject: A prayer regarding Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
From: HG
Date: 16 Apr 2017

Dear Lord Jesus and Father God,

Every Easter and Christmas and frequently at other times, I have to endure the Godless Justin Welby pretending to be a Christian or to do with God.

I am the victim of some of Justin Welby's two-faced press and media lies, especially his lies about safeguarding, and I ask in Your Name that he leaves his position very soon so that I will not have to endure him ripping my wounds back open every time he decides to interfere in current affairs or lies about the status of his church and their ability to safeguard.

I pray in Your Name, Lord Jesus, on this Easter Day, when You rose from the dead, that the Church of England who have crucified me for their sins, is disbanded, which may take some time, but that Justin Welby leaves very soon and that there is an independent investigation into his harm to me.

Justin Welby and his Church spent a million pounds and deceitfully and dirtily used the press and media to cover only their side of my story in order to preserve the Church of England's image.

I pray that Welby, Willmott, Butler, Dakin and Key are permanently removed from their positions and I pray that their safeguarding team who have been complicit in all of the harm to me are also removed.

In Jesus Name I ask all of these things, including never having to endure Welby's lies in the press and media, or even his communication team's lies in the press and media ever again.

Jesus, You didn't die so that the Church could destroy me and brand me for life as they have done, so please remove the guilty and either disband their dirty corrupt church or bring light into it.

Please God, if my book about Welby will get rid of him and his entourage and stop the harm, let it be so. My book is here: