Policemen and women of the USA

Subject: Policemen and women of the USA
From: Kendall Cole
Date: 21 Sep 2017

Dear Policemen and policewomen of Ohio,

I am a Black male who believes that my life can be taken away because of my skin color. I have been Black for 15 years now and so far nothing has happen to me. In recent news around Ohio there was an arrest of a black male and the police brutally beat him for “resisting” the arrest. Then once they got outside one cop told the Black man that he would “kill him” and in hear that the chief fired him. But what about the officers that beat the Black man what’s going to happen to them?

It hurt to see the men and women whose supposed to protect us hurt us because every time they yell get on the ground and stop resisting someone gets beats because they weren't putting there hands behind his or her back. I think when I hear news like that, what if that were me, what if I was on that ground? What would my parent think of those officer beating me?

This doesn’t have to go out to the policemen and policewomen of Ohio, it can go out to every policemen of the USA because it’s no better outside of Ohio. More people die outside of Ohio for not resisting but the cop not letting them talk. If you took your knee out of there face maybe you could hear the person talk.

I think this needs to stop police are here to protect us. If they don’t protect us why do we need them then? If the police would actually protect everyone no matter who they are or where they are from then maybe and I say maybe the people will start to respect then for actually doing there job, that is to protect us.

Hearing news all around America about police not doing the right thing is dishearten. People expect police to be there when they need them and to control the situation, not to get the and throw the Black man on the floor because he was the closest to the cash register and looks like he would rob the store. Why do you assume thing Mr. and Mrs. Police of America? Why do you not ask the store clerk who did it and if it was that man ask him nicely to turn around? If he tries to run then maybe use force to take him down.

In conclusion all I can say is to help us the people to learn to like you by doing the good thing and by not using force unless it is absolutely needed. Then maybe I won’t be scared for my life each time I walk out of my home because I look like a suspect to Mr and Mrs police of America. I send this letter not just for me but for everyone who think there needs to be change in the way you all act.