To the police officer that once gave me hope.

Subject: To the police officer that once gave me hope.
From: a concerned teen
Date: 6 Mar 2017

dear officer,
I lost hope in the police department in my town the day three adults were allowed to beat up my little cousin me and my older cousin. I suffered from a permanent concussion. I was a happy loving child. I still believed in unicorns and happy endings. Then that day my life changed for everything. My dreams were as big as the sky. I thought I was limitless. After that day I had to go to doctors all the time (I was in a doctors office or hospital more than I was at home or school) I developed post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. for the first time ever that day I remember thinking when I turned 18 I'm leaving this town and will not return. You know what the cops told me? "I shouldn't have been walking down the street." they were seriously blaming me. I was later harassed by the people who did that, but I bet you still remember that. Later on that year I was raped. and nothing was done. Was that my fault too? then my dog was shot in my back yard and the police department's answer was, "just get another dog. " I couldn't believe was I was hearing. Then before long, even the police department was harassing my family. the circled my aunt's house like 6 times and when my mom called to ask why one of you officers was like," it was more like 10 times and there's nothing you can do about it." but you know I still trusted you. With you, on the police force, I thought that everything would be okay. I had the highest respect for you. That meant the world to me. I wasn't that innocent little kid anymore. That's all I had left, the trust I had installed and people. They took everything else away. I even attempt suicide and you told my mom that if there was ever anything I needed just let you know. And I believed you. and then you broke all of that trust. My world came tumbling down. You lied straight to my face several times and put my cousin in harm's way. And then I realized you never cared about me or my family. you were just as bad as the rest of the force. You hurt me worst than any cop on the force because I trusted you from the start. And you let me down. For that reason I know for sure I will never trust another cop. I would rather die than go to the police for help. I know I'll leave this town and not return. I have lived in the same town since I was born. But I don't feel safe here anymore. so I'll take my family and we will leave. I will work hard and make something of myself to give to another community. So what I should be saying is thank you. Thank you for hurting me bad enough to where I want to work harder. Thank you for pushing me to leave home. I will be something one day... thank you for disappointing me enough to realize that. I hope you are happy and I eventually hope you police department learns and can somehow better yourself... I wish no harm to any of you... you should realize though that you are teaching my generation to hate and fear police officers everywhere. I hope you understand that.