To police departments

Subject: To police departments
Date: 5 Mar 2018

I am writing this to the police departments and I think police men need to stop killing because too many black people die from them. I chose police brutality because I saw videos of black people getting shot when they don’t have weapons on them and sometimes it’s by accident and its sad to see people die when there’s No weapon on them. The purpose of this letter is to change how police departments are doing things to people and not to kill people without weapons on them. In 2017, a lot of people died by police men and killed 1147 people in the U.S. there were only 14 days in 2017 where police didn’t kill anyone. Black people are most likely to be killed by police men than others For example, Terence Crutcher, he was 40 years old and he didn’t do anything bad and he was listening to the police orders but he ended up getting shot People get killed of false persecution.