Police Brutally

Subject: Police Brutally
From: Thomas
Date: 14 Mar 2018

Dear, Policer Officers and the Public,

We read a book in class called The Crucible. This book was a big mess and it was people getting accused of witch craft and getting killed for nothing. It was so bad and the courts were a disaster. This story reminded me of what is happening today with police brutality. They aren’t the exactly same but you can compare them in away. Like police brutality, the courts were killing innocent people for being “witches.” The girl that accused everyone, her dad was the reverend. Back then, that was a respected position. Everyone took her word for what she said about witches. Today, when police are on trial for brutality, shootings, or other misconduct, the courts mostly take their side. People in power are more trusted. So even back then the system was broken. We still need to make changes. This issue is important to me because I want to be a police officer. I think it is important that we make changes on both sides. Police should be held accountable for their actions but citizens should understand what rights they give up for protection. It’s called social contract. We also see it in the news CNN reported that officer conviction are rare. CNN also reported that most of the cases don’t have enough evidence to convict the police officers. But now most police department are getting body cam. Now this is the problem I talked about where there is a problem and it may never be fixed.