A plea to save the world.

Subject: A plea to save the world.
From: Isha Banerjee
Date: 17 Oct 2017

Dear Kim Jong Un,
I am not sure of how you will accept this letter since I am not your friend to be writing you a casual, friendly letter; and certainly not a rival to be bringing out the mistakes and to instigate anyone. What I am, is a resident from India, with a plea on the global issue, on behalf of every inhabitant of the world.

It would be highly inappropriate to say ‘I hope everything is fine’ because it’s not, and the world is going through a turbulent situation.

Surely, the clash is primarily between two powerful countries, but its consequences will have to be faced not only by the two concerned countries but by the whole world. Hence, I request you to pause for a minute and think about the ways in which the human race has excelled beyond imaginations and achieved new milestones by climbing up the ladder of technological advances. And now when the world will have to face the ill-effects of the abuse and misapplication of these technological advances, there will be no single mind left to analyze the downfall. A nuclear war at this point in time, when the world got used to the order and track would mean a global loss. All species of creatures will be swept off, leaving no faint hint of life.

I request you to think about it once and reconsider your thoughts. There is a lot that can be done with power – and war must not be one of them, it must not be even the last of things to be done with power.

This letter is a request to you on behalf of not just humankind, but of the entire creations of the world. My birth on this Earth must not be futile. And I am writing this to you as a 'Messenger of Peace' on behalf of all the creations of this world, requesting you to save the planet from the gruesome catastrophe that might fall upon it. May God guide us all.