Persuasive essay

Subject: Persuasive essay
From: Thomas James Dyer
Date: 5 Mar 2019

Is Trump really that bad of a president? Is he thinking about himself? How does a Business man a good president? These are all simply answered with what he has done for all of the American people. Trump isn't perfect but what president ever was? Yet a simple business man has, helped the economy grow 4.1% pace in the 2ND QUARTER, which is the first time since 2014 this has happened! He is worried more about the future and the long term positive affects than himself and how he looks as a president currently. What trump could do is a lot of useless things that makes him look really accomplished rather than things that look small and end up helping America a few years later. Not ONLY did he impact the economy in a positive way, he also helped decrease the tax rate.
1 According to ( Currently, President Trump has helped increase our economy as well as lower tax rates, he has also done many other unnoticed things. Compared to other world leaders Trump has helped us in ways unimaginable. Imagine being led by Kim Jong Un, it wouldn’t be as luxurious as we have it today, with trump at least we are guaranteed change no matter the size of the change or the time it takes, with other leaders there is no guarantee and or change at all.
2 I believe that the long term earned leadership is better than taking immediate action because of more thought being put into the action being taken. For example when they decided to make the new green deal they took their time and waited for the best possible outcome of the bill and help everyone affected so there was no reason to deny it and once they did they were able to pass the bill because they figured out most of the issues with it they were able to fix the many problems with the bill and convince most the people it was needed necessary and useful.
3 Though it is the option of the community how they want to be led, its an obvious choice to choose the long term effects with good long term endings, and ways of living. being able to have a good way of living at the end with good effects is a good selfless way to choose and as Veronica Roth said: “There is power in self-sacrifice” and we all need to remember to think of others before ourselves. think of the future and the people who then have to deal with the problems the earlier generation created, how will they fix issues caused by us, rather than creating a good life and ending for a later gen. we decided to cause problem and havoc.

"Give up short term pleasure for long term rewards"- Unknown, this is an amazing quote unfortunately unable to have an owner. This quote defines the reason for this argument. Being able to give up the satisfaction you experience short term, can help you long term and give you a longer lasting feeling of success. Is that short term pleasure really worth it? No, not when you can live a greater life with greater outcomes.


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