To the person who buys my childhood home

Subject: To the person who buys my childhood home
Date: 26 Sep 2017

If you're reading this we finally moved. I say finally not because I didn't like this house, because truth is I loved it. I say finally because we outgrew it. I hope you love it here as much as I did for these past 18 years. It's a bittersweet moment knowing I won't be able to walk to my favorite hiding spot ( that isn't really a hiding spot because everyone knows where I'd go) or I wont be able to look around and think about all the mischief my brothers and I got into around there.
As you may realize this house isn't perfect but it's pretty dang close. I can remember thinking I never wanted to move because our house seemed like heaven compared to my cousins who lived in town, and now that I look back on it it's still pretty close. As I said previously we outgrew this house and property, and I only say that because we aren't kids anymore and will all soon be starting our own families. If we could I'm sure we would all stay here forever but there just isn't enough room, so we will happily(and sadly) move to a bigger farm with more land and allow another family to enjoy this house as much as we did.
I hope your kids enjoy the woods as much as we did, but I warn they didn't "fall" in they jumped in just like we used to do. I also hope you have animals because this is the perfect place for them. Get your little girl (or boy) that pony that really want and you won't regret it. Get some chickens and never run out of eggs. Get some goats and always have a clear river bank. And lastly get a puppy. But most of all take pictures. Smile. And just remember what's happening now, not later,