In a perfect world there would be no abortion

Subject: In a perfect world there would be no abortion
From: Woman for women
Date: 17 May 2019

In a perfect world we would have children when we were ready, both the mother and the father. There would be no children born to parents who didn’t want them and would never grow up feeling unloved. No child would be abused or mistreated because no persons with addictions or mental health problems would conceive a child. No woman would be raped or molested. No woman would feel as though they had to maintain an abusive relationship because she felt as though that was the only way she could keep her child fed and off the streets.
In a perfect world birth control would be 100% effective and the foster care system wouldn’t overloaded with children. In a perfect world women wouldn’t die in childbirth and parents would never have to choose to abort one fetus to save another.
In a perfect world a woman wouldn’t have to explain to their child where their dad is knowing that he left.
In a perfect world a woman would never feel like she had to choose between motherhood or having a career.

But this isn’t a perfect world. And no one likes abortion. No one. But that decision should be between that woman, her God, and her doctor. Not you and not the government.