A perfect bride

Subject: A perfect bride
From: Someone who was not perfect
Date: 20 Feb 2018

In India we always see our mothers waking up early doing all the chores and listing to everything doing everything for dadis fufas and buas and if she ever said anything she was tagged as a bad bahu with bad values which she gained from her parental side.

And all of this continues people think by modernizing clothes they have modernized their thinking also but that is not true. now i got married to a man with whom i was in love with. I thought this a perfect life which anyone can get but it was not because i was in a Indian society. My judgement was started with namaste that she only passes smile and does not say namaste. I thought this was my mistake and tried to rectified it my husband is controlled by my mother in law and sister in law. My sister in law's son stayed with us a n arrogant child who used to slap me and i was said to forget because he was a five year old child. Was it really compulsory for me to like him? Am I a bad human that i am not liking a child? and i started to ignore him. But i was a bad person because i didn't became their perfect maid. I have to go to office at 7:30 so i was not able to cook it in morning became an issue that she should wake up early at 5 and cook , I said i will cook coming back from office but they didn't accepted it because the person who was handling the child used to eat at 5 PM and his meal is more important than my entire career and just because i didn't accepted this i became a bad bahu.
My sister in laws who themselves were not able to handle their families were my judges and used to ask what is your problem.

And after this my father in law died of swine flu and my sister in law said you didn't made food on shrad that is why my father died my mother in law said you used to order burger and the virus came from burger, no even realized what i felt .
Indian mother in laws has a very common illness that they forget everything they have said to their bahu in front of their sons.

After all of this the very conclusion which come is you are not taking your responsibilities. And everyone my parents my in laws my husband came into this conclusion.

When my both sister in law being 30+ plus didnt know how to cook. I was expected at the age of 25 to take all the responsibilities but me being a stubborn i didn't and i am being me everyday with the tag of besharam.