A perception of God

Subject: A perception of God
Date: 24 Apr 2016

someone who wants to know the TRUTH
I have seen people who just who to go to hajj , once in their lifetime. They think that it's a great thing. Is it? Is it a great thing to give away a lot of money to the travel agents just to see that BLACK BOX? A box where they THINK that GOD lives? Or they just want to see hundred and thousands or millions and billions of people just behaving like sheep in a herd. Its a place where sometimes people die, because of the and the rush, and they don't even know what are they doing there . They are just running like fools or they are throwing in front of a giant pillar or a wall assuming that its Satan. Come on people, its just a wall which is made up of the same rocks you are throwing. Don't be such stupid people. Be smart, be useful. they money you are just WASTING over hajj, just help someone with that money. You can also help the children who are homeless, who are hungry, who are suffering from many diseases. Think about them , think about the poor . Help them. I don't understand why people think that God is someone who lives in the temple or in the mosque or any other place of worship. Ask yourselves does he really need a home? If he is everywhere then how could he be in the temples, or mosques or churches? And if he's everywhere and listens to us anywhere, anytime then why do we have to offer prayers? is it necessary? Cant he hear us whenever we want or can't he talk to us at anytime? Do we really have to fix a time to talk to him? Think...
My perception of God is that he is everywhere, and we don't need a fix time to talk to him. He is not someone superior to us, He is not someone different from, separate from us. He is someone who is with us every time, who is the wind, who is the sun , the light form the sun, who is stars, the moon, the trees the plants, the rocks , the river , the lakes, the animals, the humans, the universe...
He is within us, HE IS US, AND WE ARE HIM.