To the people of the US Federal Government

Subject: To the people of the US Federal Government
Date: 5 Mar 2018

Open letter

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
March 1, 2017

Henrik Martin Koch
Oak Park High School
825 NE 79th Ter
Kansas City, MO 64118

Dear people of the US Federal Government,

I’m a foreign exchange student from Germany and I’m writing this open letter to you because I experienced some issues in your country during my time her.
We read a book named “The Crucible” in my American Literature class. The books story was about witch trials. In the Puritan New England town of Salem, Massachusetts a group of girls goes dancing in the forest with a black slave. While dancing they are caught by the local minister. The whole town is talking about them in connection with witchcraft. Abigail talks to some of the other girls telling them not to admit to anything. John Proctor is a local farmer and he’s trying to fend her off and tells her to end her foolishness Abigail and the girls. One girl started screaming so everybody thought she would be bewitched. They all got sent court and got killed for being a witch.
In this book, people became sentenced to death for no reason. How you can see in my book description, people are getting sentenced to dead for no really reason. The people in the city are getting sentenced to dead without any piece of evidence. This reminded me on how black people are being judged not fairly. I’ve heard a lot about it in Germany as well. I think it’s a huge topic in every country of the world because racism is still a thing. Even at my High School it’s a big topic.
I’d like to give you some information that proves that this issue is still relevant. Even in Germany the German news are talking a lot about black people getting shot in from white police officers. This piece of evidence says that the U.S. police killed at least 258 black people in 2016, according to a project by The Guardian that tracks police killings in America. This video shows a white police officer saying, “we only shoot black people”. I’d like to say that black people need to be traded more fairly then the get right now.
Reading the book and watching the movie showed me that you need to change something because it cannot be in the future how it is right now. People became judged for no reason