Penang floorball league 2016

Subject: Penang floorball league 2016
Date: 17 Apr 2016

Congratulations team contact for winning the league this year. It was a tight and hard fought match for both teams. A match full of adrenaline and speed. We need more of these matches in Penang. It was an amazing game to watch. One if the best I have ever seen in Penang. I would love to say that you all deserve the league tittle but then it will be hardly true and it will send a dangerous message to all the young and up coming players and Floorball clubs in Penang and even Malaysia. You all have just shown to the whole Floorball scene in Malaysia that hard work means nothing and the way to win is to reel in talents from other teams. Floorball like any sport takes determination, commitment and hard work not just in the match but in the preparation for it. The reason why Floorball is still in its primitive era in Penang is because clubs are still happy with their 2 hours a week training schedule are just training just to participate in league that is 5 weeks long. The only team that I see trying to break that mould is firebrands. Training 3 times week. I heard from one of their players that they have ran a total of more than 60 rounds in bukit dumbar in the build up for this 2016 league. After this loss they are ready to go for 120 rounds for the 2017 league. Wow. Hats off to them for maintaining the spirit even after the loss. I doubt that the players from your team will ever understand this level of hard work and commitment. 3 out of 4 of your best players Kao Lin Ken, Tristan James and Termin Chiam are not your home grown players. Even your 2 upcoming talents Dhinnakaran and Ivan are a product of Christopher and spearhead's commitment to growing sport and finding new players. So I hope that you guys can sleep well at night will full knowledge that you have won the league with other players that are not discovered and developed by yourself and without hard work. I honestly believe that your victory will never be as sweet as those who sacrificed and gave their 100% to work their ass for something.

Spearhead/Saberz. One Team! deserves a huge salute for continuing the fight even when you have many players from your school being ripped off by another club. Both men's and women's. Your fight in growing the sport and developing young players is not in vain. I am very happy to see you guys playing and enjoy the sport so much. Even happier to see you guys enjoy each others company so much. You guys are the living proof that the relationships forged in this sport is more important than the sport itself. Continue to grow the sport and grow healthy relationships. In the spirit of penang floorball and not glory seeking.

Frontliners. The amount of respect I have for your team is far higher than any Champion team. If I am not wrong you guys have never won the league before but you guys strive in sticking to your values of a club and not giving I to the pressure of closing down. You have produced many players that are of quality. The biggest of which has been taken away to team contact in search of glory. I respect the fact that you guys still managed to send a team into the league despite the struggles. On the bright side your team is full of young blood that is full of potential. Don't let it go to waste. Continue the fight. In the spirit of Penang floorball and not glory seeking.

Finally in my opinion the team that deserves to league tittle the most. Firebrands. Their hard work and commitment is on another level. Doing and achieving things that other clubs can only dream of doing. I believe that this club will remain strong even in hard times. Never give up your values and the spirit of working hard in temporary satisfaction and shortcuts. Not forgetting congratulations to the women's team. For winning the league for the first time. Fully deserved. Keep it up. In the spirit of Penang floorball and not glory seeking.

And to all young and upcoming players. Don't ever be influenced by glory, temporary satisfactions and victory. Work hard. Train everyday wherever you are. Train like you are going to play in the world cup finals. Run. Run with your hears out till your lungs collapse. Run till you toes are full of blister. Then continue running. The only was that this sport will ever grow in Malaysia will be through hard work. Working hard towards producing players that will one day represent the state and the national team. Producing teams that are in it for the long run not just to grab a league tittle. Producing players that see the importance of growth and not just winning. And again congratulations team contact.