The Paris Treaty of 2015 Cannot Stop Overheating of Earth!

Subject: The Paris Treaty of 2015 Cannot Stop Overheating of Earth!
From: Dr.-Ing. Klaus H. Hemsath
Date: 4 Jan 2017

Open Letter to the Public, the Media, and Publishers

Immutable Laws of Physics Forecast the Long-lasting Warming of Earth

Before 1750, annual, global temperatures on Earth changed little over very long times. Annual energy flows from our Sun and outgoing heat flows from Planet Earth into Outer Space were in nearly perfect equilibrium.
The Industrial Revolution of the past two centuries has disturbed this terrestrial life creating and sustaining balance.
However, it produced unprecedented wealth and a huge increase of worldwide populations. It also began a seemingly unstoppable warming trend, which is growing steadily and which is threatening the existence of all life on Planet Earth. Global warming and resulting climate change are existential threats, which must be reversed during the next two decades!
• Time is of the essence.

Still inevitable combustion of fossil fuels must continue for releasing huge amounts of heat, which are converted in heat engines like steam turbines, combustion engines, and combustion turbines into mechanical and electrical power. World economies cannot survive without consuming large quantities of energy each and every day.
Shutting down fossil fuel combustion becomes possible only, after viable replacement energies can be supplied sustainably and forever.
Still growing populations must have unlimited access to economically affordable power. Food, shelter, transportation, and services must be provided without interruption.
Global warming is increasingly threatening the very survival of life on Earth. Humans and advanced species of animals can exist and procreate only, as long as global temperatures do not exceed fever temperatures.
Recommended energy policies, which are increasingly accepted by the majority of world economies, are proving to be incapable of controlling and of maintaining tolerable environmental conditions, when analyzed correctly.
The latest effort for finding a solution was attempted recently at the Climate Conference of the United Nations in Paris in 2015. National delegates agreed on a treaty, which is based entirely on the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and which has been signed in the intervening time by a large majority of nations.
This treaty has been praised as a political major political success, which indeed it is.
Nonetheless, the treaty does nothing for halting global warming and for reversing damaging climate changes. Nonetheless, it demonstrates that a majority of nations are becoming aware of steadily growing environmental dangers.
How can anybody dare to make such contrary statements?

During a lifelong career in scientific institutions and in profit driven corporations as scientist, process engineer, prolific inventor, and as corporate executive, I learned about economic realities.
A doctoral thesis on conducting and interpreting energy flow measurements of thermal radiation on the inside of very high temperature, industrial flames prepared me for understanding the very complex physical processes, which are causing global warming.
The award of 60 US Patents for market driven inventions provided a unique experience base for designing, installing, and testing full size, industrial production facilities.
It also required the application of results oriented planning and project management. Repeatedly I had to take an idea and convert it into a working manufacturing process. High temperature manufacturing equipment for advanced thermal processes had to be designed and had to perform quickly and reliably.
In retirement, I searched for solutions for reversing the existential threat of an overheating Earth. Five books and more than ten years later, I succeeded in assembling a viable and effective solution for rescuing Earth from otherwise inevitable overheating. My fifth book explains the seven energy conversion technologies, which in combination can return global temperatures to their historic levels, which existed in 1750.

Global warming is a very complex issue. Understanding the physics of solar radiation and applying the law of energy conservation is challenging. Applying these laws to dynamically changing cosmic energy flows from Sun to Earth and from Earth into Outer Space adds another complication.
Electro-magnetic radiation from our Sun was described as a new discipline of physics only one hundred years ago. In 1919 Max Planck was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of Quantum Physics. Albert Einstein and Max Planck worked together and they added this part of physics to astrophysics. Since their contributions, the presence of dark matter in the Universe can now be explained more easily!
Process engineers adopted this new addition to energy science quickly for forecasting heat transfer in high temperature manufacturing and energy conversion processes.

Time has become of the utmost essence for saving Earth! Every year, during which world leaders, politicians, and industry executives delay international rescue efforts, adds another, two year delay to the overdue start of effective countermeasures.
The warming of oceans causes several, very harmful feedback loops, which are working together, are accelerating, and are creating an irreversible “Point of No Return“.
World leaders are gambling and are risking the very survival of the only known intelligent beings in the Universe. Ignorance, greed, and petty politics are exposing the greatest achievement of Nature to senseless annihilation!
The book ”Cooling Earth – Reversing Climate Change” must be published soon, must be reviewed by the most qualified thermodynamicists and by technologists, and has to be corrected where necessary.
Only then can and must it be accepted for becoming part of an international effort for Rescuing Earth from Overheating.
Dr.-Ing Klaus H. Hemsath