To our harasser

Subject: To our harasser
Date: 20 Nov 2017

First I would like to state some things that you are saying about my fiance, myself and our SON, is completely incorrect. I have never threatened you. I would love proof of said threats. And the fact you are bringing children into this and you're self pitty is rather childish. The harrassment for over 2 years is ridiculous. I've already called the police on you before and obviously you're just not smart enough to learn to leave well enough alone. I've never threatened to hurt you or you're child I HAVE stated that if "she" being you, if you would approach my in public starting things, of course I would make sure it comes to a complete stop. Now you are harrassing a unborn child and you're ex? and well the previous and on going harrassment with me for over 2 years. And you messaging my friends, messaging my fiance proves you just might have some deeply rooted issues you need to work on. And the fact you're friends are "watching" me and you have people alert you to where we are and what I do with my social media is incredibly funny to me, there must be a obsession thing with me or something. He has told me he wants nothing to do with you or you're kid. That you were the last person he would ever want a child with. My family, friends, and so on so forth know about you, and you're very odd/dangerous behavior. You may be lying and telling everyone what you THINK you know which by the way is completely and utterly nothing but nonsense and just stupidity and ignorance. Oh and you're little friends that were my "friends" were the ones that are telling you all this false information, maybe you should ask her about the conversation she was talking about your kid and how she said "she shouldn't even have that baby it's a mistake. I at least have enough human decency to not say things like that. As I myself am going to a mother. My son will have nothing to do with that child of yours. So called half sister. DF and I have more things to worry about like our planned and wanted son. I would like you to forget we even exist, and tell you're little friends to do so as well, I would hate to have another harrassment charge on you, and your kid brought into it? Selfish. So do thee adult thing, grow up, take care of what you and you're child need, and stop the self pitty games you are playing with everyone. Wish you the best of luck, I'll be praying.