Our Daughters

Subject: Our Daughters
Date: 1 Oct 2017

have you ever thought why our girls grow up so quickly?
where is their childhood? nowdays it seems they are all in rush to grow up , to copy you as their mum or an older sister , cousin ... favourite singer , actress or a
"in girl" at school ...

what happened to you mums? when have you stopped being mum and start being a friend!?

... that little girl you have birth to is looking up to you , copying you ... do you think you are a good example?

do you drink and smoke? and yet will drop that line to them when they are older :
not to do exactly what they have been watching you do their whole life up tp that point ...
do you leave them with the strangers who baby sit for you ... strangers who bring ip your kids ... influencing them ... what dors that say about you amd how much do you know about your child from that point on?

girls grow up quickly ... you need yo be there as a mother because thats your role and responsibity ... girls are reflections of their mothers

stop sexualizing your daughters making them in to the baby prostitues

have respect for yourselves and for your daughters

it is shocking to see how girls as young as 5 years old are being dressed!? what happened
to the motherhood , decency ,
self respect , dignity , morals , why is it all about you mothers who have list your ways , live with the regrets and no courage to stop the cycle of lost lifes ... do you want your daughter to finish the same way?

make a change! stop this cycle of distruction! help your daughters grow amd become the women they themselves will be proud of amd your memory , you will live for ever ...

our girls are the future amd the key to the existence of our race but its no use if they are not the way they should be because it will be a dark future ahead of us ...

if you take a shame from a young girl you take it all from her she is nothing any more and she will never become in to a beautiful women ... it's like a rose if you try to open too soon amd by force

hope all the roses out there will be left to it , so they can flourish in their own time and this world will be filled with the divine sweet smell of theirs