To the Organization that can make a difference

Subject: To the Organization that can make a difference
From: Lindsey L. Cal Poly SLO
Date: 3 Jun 2021

Dear United Nations,

Ever since high school I have seen the impact your organization has made worldwide. I once was a “mock delegate” in Model United Nations and discussed these real world problems with others. The United Nations is clearly making a difference in the world. This is displayed through all of your published websites and thousands of resolutions. You have even created sub organizations from the World Health Organization to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. I never took the time to think about the effectiveness of all the organizations and resolutions until I was given the assignment to look deeper into something I knew about.

I decided I wanted to find a way to understand and possibly measure the effectiveness of the United Nations. I was interested in learning about peacekeepers, and was surprised to learn you currently have peacekeeping operations in 12 different locations! Throughout my research it was encouraging to learn about the different operations your peacekeepers are currently deployed. I even learned that the more peacekeepers you send to an area, the less battlefield deaths occur. I think that maintaining and harboring peace is important, but I was shocked when I learned about another side of peacekeeping. Did you realize that the people you are sending to fix conflict could be creating their own conflict? There have been reports in different areas like Haiti where women face rape and sexual assault. I would like to propose a new thing that you should take into account: women. I highly smile upon a motion to deploy more women in these peacekeeping missions. Right now male peacekeepers highly dominate female peacekeepers in these areas of conflict. Issues like human trafficking and exploiting are happening behind the scenes, but I found a statistic that showed women are 10 times for likely than men to step up and speak for these people. The data points to a clear solution to send more women to be peacekeepers. An even better solution could be to just hold all peacekeepers more accountable for their actions!