Open Letter to Worthing Council: Removal of Cllr Tim Wills, Patriotic Alternative

Subject: Open Letter to Worthing Council: Removal of Cllr Tim Wills, Patriotic Alternative
From: Stand up to Racism Adur & Worthing
Date: 15 Oct 2021

To: Catherine Howe CEO Worthing Borough Council
Daniel Humphreys Leader Worthing Borough Council

Dear Ms Howe and Mr Humphreys,

*Councillor Tim Wills Patriotic Alternative*

On Wednesday 6th October, Hope Not Hate a non-partisan, non-sectarian organisation who research far right extremism, exposed Worthing Borough Councillor Tim Wills to be an enthusiastic supporter of Patriotic Alternative (PA), a racial nationalist and fascist organisation that seeks the removal of ethnic minorities from the UK.

Hope Not Hate has been unequivocal in their call for the immediate removal from council of Cllr Wills, given the severity of the case. This appears to have been ignored by Worthing Borough Council (WBC).

Of grave concern to residents of Worthing and indeed those who reside in Marine Ward, has been the lack of communication and willingness to engage in appropriate action by our council. The suspension from the Conservative Party pending investigation and the statement by Worthing Borough Council of an investigation following a complaint received regarding a breach of the councillor code is noted. However, both the conservative party and council complaints process is woefully short on adequate detail with no attempt made by WBC to explain or set out with clarity the information required to assure residents this is being addressed with the sensitivity and urgency it demands.

As such, we are now compelled to seek clarification on the following:

** Will Councillor Wills be in attendance at Full Council meeting on Tuesday 19 October?
** What is the council’s response to the demand by Hope Not Hate on the expulsion of Cllr Wills.
** What steps have been taken to expedite the WBC complaints process?
** What steps have been taken to communicate with Worthing’s Jewish, Muslim, BAME and LGBT groups?
** Has Worthing Borough Council Equality Impact Assessed the decisions which have involved Cllr Wills?
** What steps have been taken to communicate with the residents of Marine Ward?

Further, Cllr Wills in his postings has stated the conservatives ‘still have a right-wing minority who are on side’. As might be imagined, it is concerning enough for affected groups to know an active racist still holds a position of (unelected) power, clearly not able to abide by the requirements of holding office. Please be clear on what measures will be taken to ensure there are not other conservative councillors who share the views of Cllr Wills as denoted by his comments, by providing the terms of reference for this part of the, or follow-on separate investigation.

We the undersigned, share Hope Not Hate’s call for immediate action and have been disappointed with the lack of response from our council. It is hoped a more respectful and appropriate response will be provided.

Yours sincerely,